Violent Divine

Violent Divine
2006, Chavis Records
Rating: 2.5/5

Their bio states that their influences are great classic bands that were a staple on music television in the early 80’s. Bands such as Motley Crue, Rarr, Poison and Areosmith were their inspiration. Having these hard rock artists listed as your main influences, you’d expect one fantastic rock album with great melodies.

Starting off with the easy moving “LET’S GO” , gets you ready and expecting something amazing from the album. Early good guitar and drums, but not overly original. This is the better track on the disc.

“LOVE REACTION” starts off with a Motley Crue influenced riff, but that changes… for the worst. After the opening the song becomes your generic rock song where it gets lost in with the rest. Throughout the track they use the opening guitar riff in a few places.

The remainder of the disc is pretty boring and generic. There is nothing here that would make you take notice of them.