U2 – Classic Albums: The Joshua Tree

Classic Albums: The Joshua Tree
2006 Eagle Vision
Rating: 4.5/5


U2 is undoubtedly one of the greatest rock bands of all time. This groundbreaking and chart toppping album is one of the top albums of all time. Bono’s distinct vocals coupled with The Edge’s unique guitar playing, made U2 one of this centuries top rock bands.

The Classic Album series captures the band at their creative peak. This documentary shows the insights on how they approached recording, what the producers contributed to the recording and how it became what it did. Candid interviews with both the band members and producers, lets the fans see the input that each had. You see where Lanios was a fan of Larry’s drums and the rhythm section, while Eno tended to favor the guitar and vocals. Their combined effort created a unique and timeless masterpiece. Even the recording of the actual album wasn’t done in a conventional way, this was done in a house not in a studio.

One of the documentaries most interesting parts surprisingly enough had nothing to do with the music, but had to do with the cover and the meaning behind the cover.

The archive footage and seeing Bono sitting in a studio with Lanios today is simply amazing. Hearing the different tracks that make up the songs and the bits that got left on the cutting room floor sheds a new appreciation for just how much work went into this magnificent rock album.