Tokyo Dragons – Come On Baby

Tokyo Dragons
Come On Baby  E.P.

2006, Escapi Music
Rating: 3.5/5

Since they released their debut album GIVE ME THE FEAR last year, this 4-piece act has toured a great deal – especially here in Scandinavia. In anticipation of the second album, they’ve unleashed this EP to keep the fans satisified. The music they play is the same as before: garage/riff rock’n’roll with a high dose of party-feeling. I thought the debut was really good, but it left me longing for more; something for which this EP definitely has a cure.

There are 7 songs on the EP. Three of them are new: “High On Hate”, “This Means War”, and “Everybody That’s Right”. Other songs are older songs from the debut. “Come on Baby” are featured three times; one of those times is as a video clip with a funny but kind of strange video where the key elements are female vampires, the band, and a forest. The three live tracks are “Get Em Off”, “Johnny Don’t Wanna Ride”, and “Come on Baby”. All three were recorded at the Hultsfreds Festival in Sweden by Swedish Radio. The band sounds much harder and meaner in a live situation, which is very positive. Something negative that the band can’t help though is that the Radio cut the songs in between so you can’t hear the crowd.

COME ON BABY is a great substitute while waiting for the new album by Tokyo Dragons, and I can recommend the EP in every possible way.

Steve Lomax – lead vocals, guitar
Phil Martini – drums, b-vox
Mathias Stady – bass
Mal Bruk – guitar, b-vox

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Come On Baby
High on Hate
Everybody That’s Right
This Means War
Get Em Off (live)
Johnny Don’t Wanna Ride (live)
Come On Baby (live)
Come On Baby (video)