The Who – Classic Albums: Who’s Next

The Who
Classic Albums: Who’s Next

2006, Eagle Vision
Rating: 5/5


What began as LIFEHOUSE, ended up becoming WHO’S NEXT, which is undoubtably their most ambitious recording to date. While the LIFEHOUSE project never really came to be, we got some of it on WHO’S NEXT.

The band were at their musically best in early 1971 when they entered the studio to begin recording this album. Daltry was just beginning to develop his range, while Townsend was at his creative high. Add in Moon’s insane drumming and Entwhistle’s fast and melodic bass . and you have that unique signature WHO. A sound that can never be duplicated.

There are many interesting facts and bits of knowledge throughout the hour long documentary. There is a fair bit of time discussing Keith’s input to the overall sound of the band. It is even said that without Moon holding the band together they were just everywhere. This is quite true and we find this out many years later after his death. Hearing some of his drum fills and tracks without the rest of the group will give a new appreciation to just how amazing a drummer Moon was.

Packed with vast amounts of information on this classic album that everyone is familiar with. One of the most energetic and live sounding studio albums of all time gets some new insight on it.