The Richie Zito Project – Avalon

The Richie Zito Project

2006, Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 2/5

During the 70’s, Richie Zito was one of the most-desired session guitarists in Los Angeles, and there’s a long list of people Zito played with. He played with Art Garfunkel, Tina Turner, and Diana Ross to name a few, and at the beginning of the 80’s he joined Elton John’s band. He also started to write music and produce as well as being featured on several soundtracks like Top Gun, Flashdance, Scarface, and many more. Besides that, Zito has produced 38 singles that have reached Billboard’s hot 100.

One day, Frontiers Records president Serafino Perugino presented Zito with the possibility of doing a project album. Zito called a few of the best singers he worked with throughout the years and introduced them to his idea. Most of them were interested and accepted Zito’s offer. The album is jammed with talented musicians and singers like Joe Lynn Turner, Joseph Williams, Danny Vaughn, Philip Bardowell, Richie Kotzen, and Eric Martin. If you want to know the entire list of singers you have to buy the album; it’s too long to be featured here.

AVALON contains 12 songs of ordinary melodic rock and light melodic hardrock. Unfortunately, most of the songs feel like another standard job and not even the talented singers can save the songs from failing. We can leave the boring songs aside and focus on the better ones which are “Is He Better than Me” – JLT, “Avalon” – Danny Vaughn, “Life Got in the Way” – Eric Martin, “Blue Monday” – Giorgio Moroder/Hugo Valenti, and the second tune with Eric Martin “I Don’t Want to Want You”. Richie Zito hasn’t done a great job with the production either. It all sounds like an 80’s production, but maybe that’s what he wants – I don’t know. Either way, it doesn’t feel fresh in any way at all.

Despite the skilled singers and musicians, AVALON is nothing but a minor failure. I can’t think that anyone besides diehard fans of Richie Zito or any of the singers is going to buy this and actually enjoy it.

Richie Zito – guitar, bass, keyboard, mandolin
Tommy Decker – drums
Greg Bissonette – drums
Jason Turbin – strings
Joey Carbone – piano
Davey Duke – b-vox
Ken Pacheo – b-vox


Blue Collar
Is He Better Than Me
Oh Samantha
Life Got In The Way
Blue Monday
Forever I Will
I Can’t Forget You
I Put My Life In Your Hands
Good Things Take Time
I don’t Want To Want You