Man-Raze – Skin Crawl

Skin Crawl
2005, Surrealist Records
Rating: 3.5/5

A new project from Def Leppard guitarist, Phil Collen, and his former Girl bandmate Simon Laffy. Add in Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols and you have one killer trio.

The four track single/EP contains 3 originals and a re-mix of one of those 3. From the start of the disc you can’t help but think of Def Leppard. The title track is very Leppard, and it proves that. Phil is a major part of that band. Vocal wise he sounds very much like Joe Elliott. It is an upbeat rocker with an insanely catchy chorus.

Next up is “YOU”RE SO WRONG” , has a killer groove going on. Similar yet again to Def Leppard, which is unavoidable. Slightly more upbeat and faster than the title track.

A reggae “DUB” track is up next. While labelled as instrumental, there is the scatter word here and there. This has a lot of potential to become a fun summer tune if they want to add some vocals to it.

The next song is a re-mix of the title track. My question here is…… why? It is a perfectly good rock song, why ruin it with a re-mix? A couple of great rockers, in Def Leppard style, and an instrumental with great potential. With Paul Cook smacking out the beat and Phil on guitar and vocals, with a former bandmate on bass, how could it not be good? Something to look out for in the future.