Fair Warning – The Call Of The East: Live In Japan DVD

Fair Warning
The Call Of The East: Live In Japan DVD

2006, Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 4/5

This is the last re-release of this German act’s 1993 performance at Club Citta in Kawazaki, Japan. It was originally recorded for VHS but has now been transferred to DVD format for its first release in Europe. Everything about the DVD screams early 80’s: the clothes, the hairstyles, and the songs. Even though it was the 90’s, Fair Warning didn’t pay any attention and kept on rolling with what they always had done: delivering 80’s melodic hardrock/heavy metal – something the Japanese audience clearly adores in this recording.

The DVD kicks off with backstage pictures taken before the show. Something I really miss is the lack of menu choices in the beginning, which instead comes after the picture show.

The stage looks really big, and a huge backdrop of their debut album cover dominates the area behind drummer C.C. Behrens. Lighting, sound, and filming are excellent; there are no annyoing MTV-cuts and you can see all of the members in perfect lighting. There also aren’t any cameramen in sight despite the many cameras used. Lead singer Tommy Heart has the crowd in his hand the entire show and they do exactly what he tells them to. They sing, scream, and salute the band which isn’t surprising since Fair Warning is such a great live band. Fair Warning runs through nine songs from the debut album and also a few songs from their time as Zeno, before they were called Fair Warning. The show contains a total of 14 songs, and you can really tell that the band is young, eager, and hungry. Nothing can possibly go wrong when they play landmarks like “Longing for Love”, “When Love Fails”, “Crazy”, “Take A Look at the Future”, “Hang On”, and “The Eyes Of Rock”, creating 70 minutes of magic.

The DVD ends just like it started, except with post-performance pictures. The bonus material consists of five extra songs that seem to be taken from the same show. One may wonder why these songs weren’t featured on the main DVD instead of being bonus material. Why not feature some “real” bonus stuff?

Fair Warning gives us a really strong live performance with this DVD. A young and hungry up-and-coming act; it’s really worth the high rating, for sure.

Ule W. Ritgen – bass
Tommy Heart  – lead vocals
Helge Engelke – guitar
Andy Malecek – guitar
C.C. Behrens – drums

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Sunset (intro)
Out On The Run
Longing For Love
When Love Fails
Eastern Sun
Take Me Up
Long Gone
Take A Look At The Future
Children’s Eyes
Hang On
The Eyes Of Rock
One Step Closer
A Little More Love

Bonus Material
The Heat Of Emotion
The Call Of The Heart
In The Ghetto
Mickey’s Monkey