November 2006


**Unfortunately Dearly Beloved have had to cancel their western tour dates, however, they will be rescheduled for the new year.  We will be sure to let you know once we have new shows booked.
November 25 – Oshawa, Ontario, The Atria – still on
November 26 – Sudbury, Ontario, The Townhouse – still on
November 30 – Regina, Saskatchewan, The Lazy Owl – cancelled
December 2 – Grand Prairie, Alberta, BJ’s Showroom -cancelled
December 4 – Lethbridge, Alberta, The Slice – cancelled
December 5 – Calgary, Alberta, Broken City – cancelled
December 6 – Edmonton, Alberta, Sidetrack Café – cancelled
December 9 – Thunder Bay, Ontario, The Apollo – cancelled

SHAW/BLADES Set To Release Highly Anticipated CD in Early ’07

What happens with two of today’s most successful classic rockers join forces to create an album of songs that have been a source of inspiration for their respective multi-Platinum careers?

The result is “Influence”, the sophomore album by SHAW / BLADES –led by STYX/DAMN YANKEES guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shaw and NIGHT RANGER / DAMN YANKEES bassist/vocalist Jack Blades — which is set for release February 16, 2007 in Europe on Frontiers Records. The self-produced album was mixed by Noel Golden (Matchbox Twenty, Willie Nelson) and Great White keyboardist/guitarist Michael Lardie.

“Influence” is the duo’s first album since their recently re-released 1995 debut, “Hallucination”. Like the debut–and unlike their history-carving decades as icons in the more hard-rock minded Styx, Night Ranger and Damn Yankees–the latest release is rooted in acoustic guitar and organic production, harvesting a decade of musical influences into 11 tracks (on which Blades and Shaw played all the music except for drums and the occasional keyboards). With classics from the ’60s and ’70s including the Mamas and the Papas’ “California Dreamin’,” Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” and Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work,” “Influence” offers a track-by-track chronology of the musical era that helped define nowadays rock music.

Whether the songs are delivered in faithful tribute, as is the case with Simon & Garfunkel’s epic masterpiece “Sounds Of Silence,” or given a modern rock transfusion, as in the duo’s 1966 folk anthem “I Am A Rock,” the results are the same, sparkling like a beacon illuminating the mainstream roots of rock and roll’s formative years.

“I cringe at the thought of Paul Simon hearing our stuff,” laughs Blades, only half-jokingly. “I honor his spirit so much, and I’m such a huge fan. As far as I’m concerned, they invented the word genius to go along with him, and we just wanted to make sure that we did their songs justice. Tommy and I have that special symbiotic relationship that doesn’t come along a lot. Simon & Garfunkel also had it, we have a reverence to it, and it was something that we just wanted to dig into.”

“As writers, we’re like two old friends who finish each other’s sentences,” adds Shaw. “We became best friends as a result of the music and the experiences we’ve had because of it.”

But “Influence” isn’t about the experiences of SHAW / BLADES, it’s about the inspiration that helped create the experiences. “This album has been years in the making,” continues the Styx/Damn Yankees guitarist “The recording process didn’t take years, but the concept had been looming in our conversations for a long time. We’d always sit around with a couple of guitars and play songs we both knew from or younger days, spontaneous harmonizing and all that, and we slowly eased into the idea of making this record.”

One of the most prolific duos in the history of hard rock, Shaw and Blades have sold more than 50 million albums amongst their three bands, scored 12 Top 10 singles on the Billboard “Hot 100” chart, debuted 16 albums in the Billboard “Top 200” albums chart, and share joint songwriting credits for the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, Cher and Alice Cooper.

Even so, “Influence” offered the pair an invigorating musical freedom. “With Shaw / Blades,” offers Blades, “we’re able to take liberties that our respective bands couldn’t do. We need to be Styx-sounding, we need to fit in that Night Ranger world, and we even need to think about Damn Yankees, so that’s what’s fun about Shaw / Blades–we get to be our alter-egos when we want to be, yet we can truly be ourselves. We grew up singing harmonies and songs with massive vocals, so it’s a wonderful thing to have that freedom here. This was a complete labor of love.”

“You can always tell a brilliant song, whether it was written 30 years ago or yesterday,” says Blades. “Every song we picked is identifiable in its own right, and they’re all immediately recognizable. What does that tell you? That the songs are the stars. That’s what we wanted to do on this record, we wanted the songs to be the stars. I think that’s what we accomplished.”

The complete track listing is as follows:
1. Summer Breeze
2. Time Of The Season
3. Your Move
4. I Am A Rock
5. Lucky Man
6. Sounds Of Silence
7. California Dreamin’
8. On A Carousel
9. Dirty Work
10. For What It’s Worth
11. Dance With Me

SHAW / BLADES “Influence” will be released in Europe on February 16th 2007 with release in Japan scheduled on King Records.

The Atari’s Set to release new CD in Feb.

Sanctuary Records Group < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />North America is pleased to announce the release of The Ataris’ new CD on Sanctuary/Isola Recordings, the band’s own imprint. The Ataris, whose last CD, SO LONG ASTORIA, sold over 1 million copies worldwide and spawned two top-ten hit singles, will release WELCOME THE NIGHT in February, 2007. The band’s amazing first single,Not Capable of Love” is going to radio mid November.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

WELCOME THE NIGHT is The Ataris 5th release and first on Sanctuary/Isola Recordings. The Ataris are Kristopher Roe – Guitar, Vocals, Percussion ; John Collura – Guitar, Pianos; Paul Carabello – Guitar, Percussion, Vocals; Sean Hansen – Bass, Vocals; Shane Chikeles – Drums, Percussion; Angus Cooke – Cello and Bob Hoag – Piano, Fender Rhodes, Mellotron, Percussion, Vocals.

Comments The Ataris’ Manager Darren Lewis, “The Ataris are excited to establish their own label and to be working with a true artist-oriented, independent-minded company like Sanctuary Records Group.  We see arrangements like this as the future of the music business and we are glad to be embracing that future with a forward-thinking company like Sanctuary.”

Says Executive VP and GM Bob Cahill, “I can’t wait for the industry and fans to hear this CD. The Ataris have delivered an album that has real depth, representing huge artistic growth while retaining the intensity and honesty that has earned them legions of fans worldwide. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the band.”

Update from Frontiers Records

Frontiers Records is proud to announce the signing PINK CREAM 69 to its roster of artists !

PINK CREAM 69 are a legendary German Melodic Hard Rock outfit who released nine studio albums from 1989. Consisting of David Readman (vocals), Alfred Koffler (guitar), Dennis Ward (bass), Kosta Zafiriou (drums), the band recently added to the line-up a new guitarist, Uwe Reitenauer, who was already part of the band’s live shows since 2003. His unique style and the possibilities of dual lead and rhythm guitars will enrich the songwriting and recordings as much as they did the live shows in the last 3 years.

The band is currently working on the follow up of the successful 2004 release “Thunderdome”. The record has the working title of “In10sity” with reference to the fact that this is PC 69’s tenth regular studio album.

The new song material is definitely more powerful with the two guitars attack, but still keeping the trademark of catchy melodies and strong choruses“, says drummer Kosta Zafiriou. Fans of melodic Hard Rock can expect a mixture of the strongest elements in the PC69 style, combined with a state-of-the-art production by Dennis Ward.

The new album is scheduled to be released in march 2007. Stay tuned for more details !

Former DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW singer JOE LYNN TURNER is busy writing and recording the up and coming studio album. The direction will be again in the Melodic Hard Rock vein that characterized the latest studio effort “The Usual Suspects”. Release date is not yet scheduled but Frontiers Records hopes to release it before the summer 2007.

FAIR WARNING have recently completed their first Japanese tour in 6 years with successful concerts in Hiroshima, Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. The band was overwhelmed with the warm acceptance from the cheerful fans. FAIR WARNING also performed on their return to Europe a cool show at the Firefest in Notthingham on October 28th. This was the band’s first ever performance in the UK and was greeted with a great success. The band is also currently planning more shows for early 2007 and  is looking for promoters in European countries. Anyone interested can email or

FAIR WARNING’s successful come-back album “Brother’s Keeper”, released on August 25th is gathering excellent responses from critics and fans and is now also downloadable via I-tunes and Napster European shops, E-music UK, Musicload and Virgin France.

The amazing AOR singer ROBIN BECK has recently revealed her plans for the upcoming  start of the work for her new solo album. Here’s her message for the fans:

For the last few months I’ve been flying around Europe enjoying my renewed success.  My lucky stars that so many loyal fans of Melodic Rock have stood by me through the years! I am totally committed to giving them the strongest and most passionate album of my life. I have received so many requests over the years for me to do more of my own songwriting and that is exactly what I’m doing.

Now, I am back home and putting together my next CD. It will be produced by James Christian and myself. All you House of Lords fans will be happy  to learn that I will be benefiting from the great musicians from the HOUSE OF LORDS  for this CD.  I am a Lucky Girl What luck to be married to lead singer of the greatest band on earth!  James, Jimi Bell, Chris Pelcer and I have been busy busy writing and I must say we are coming up with what will amount to be a great record. Get ready to Rock. Get ready to shiver through my eyes and through my heart!

Josh Ramos (HARDLINE, THE STORM) is busy writing and recording his forthcoming album, following the successful release of his debut “Living In The Light”. Here are a few pictures that shows him together with drummer-maestro John Macaluso (TNT, RIOT, STRABREAKER etc), who, together with Don Chaffin on vocals and Eric Ragno on keyboards completes the recording lineup. Release date is foreseen for Spring 07.


Platinum recording artist WINGER is releasing their first album in over a decade. The founding members of WINGER, Kip Winger (bass/vocals), Reb Beach (guitar), Rod Morgenstein (drums), have reunited for their forth record, which is touted as their finest album ever. WINGER is joined John Roth (guitars/vocals) a WINGER member since 1993’s “PULL” album and new comer Cenk Eroglu (keyboards/vocals).

Being the first WINGER album in 14 years it’s not what you would expect. “The new WINGER album” explains Kip, “starts where “Pull” left off and moves into new directions. It mixes some classic Hard Rock like VAN HALEN and early WINGER style, progressive and acoustic elements that may resemble GENESIS, MOTT THE HOOPLE or KING CRIMSON”.

The album artwork is handled by Ethan Van Sciver – a renowned DC Comic book artist and penciler who has contributed (among others) to Cyberfrog, New X-Men, The Flash: Iron Heights and Impulse. The album art depicts our Militaries finest protecting with guardian angels that are representative of our prayers we send.

Currently, the band just returned form a highly successful European tour in October 06 in support of the European release and  now WINGER is gearing up for a full blown USA Tour in early 2007 in support of the new Album.

For more information please visit or

Frontiers Records announce 2007 Release for Kelly Keagy

Frontiers Records is excited to launch the release of the forthcoming KELLY KEAGY new solo album entitled “I’m Alive” on January 26th 2007.

KELLY KEAGY is better known as drummer / singer with the US Melodic Rock heroes NIGHT RANGER. NIGHT RANGER’s first album “Dawn Patrol” (1982), reached number 38 on the U.S. charts, yet it was 1983’s “Midnight Madness” that established the band as a commercial force. Featuring the hits “(You Can Still) Rock in America” and “Sister Christian”, the record peaked at number 15 and sold over 1 million copies. 1985’s “7 Wishes” was even more successful, reaching number 10 on the charts. The band reformed in the mid-90s and have since released 4 more albums.

In 2001, Kelly took a turn down the solo album trail. “Time Passes” saw Kelly handling drums and vocals and collaborating with such artists as Jim Peterik, Kevin Chalfant, Brian Bart with obvious features from his band mates Brad Gillis, Jack Blades and Jeff Watson.

To date, Kelly and NIGHT RANGER are busy working on a new studio album. But in the meanwhile he found the time and the inspiration to finish his second solo work entitled “I’m Alive”. The new record was written and produced by Keagy in cooperation with Jim Peterik (PRIDE OF LIONS, ex SURVIVOR) and also features contributions from Kelly’s THE MOB band mate Reb Beach (WINGER, WHITESNAKE), Mike Aquino (PRIDE OF LIONS, MECCA), Brian Bart, Bruce Gaitsch, Tommy Denander on guitar and Michael Lardie (GREAT WHITE, NIGHT RANGER) on keyboards among others.

The new album sees Keagy exploring a slightly rougher edge compared to his debut album with a more live feel in the mix. “I look forward to playing these songs live, as they were written to be played live“, says Kelly and the joyful ride that this record offers, proves just that!

Final tracklisting of “I’m Alive” is as follows:
I’m Alive; Stolen; Blink of an Eye; When Nobody’s Looking; Back of Your Mind; Life Worth Remembering; Re-Imagine; World Before and After; Where Are We Now;  Where the Road Ends; Everything I Need in a Woman; Call In Another Day; Half a World Away.

Release is scheduled on Frontiers Records in Europe on January 26th 2007 and in Japan on King Records.

Frontiers announce more releases

Frontiers Records is very pleased to announce the release of two separate JORN records entitled “Unlocking The Past” and “The Gathering” on January 27th 2007.

The concept behind this dual release is to encounter the fans’ request for more material and to make some of Jorn’s earlier work more available.

“With “The Gathering””,  Jorn says, ”I’m removing dust from some of my earlier recordings because  I believe some of these songs deserve a second chance in history”. “Some tracks have been rerecorded from scratch, simply because I felt they would sound better with new arrangements and approach” continues the Norwegian singer, adding “Others have been remixed and have this way been given a “face lift” due to the fact that the original recordings didn’t sound that great productionwise. All songs have been digitally mastered by my good friend Tommy Hansen and I hope that this album will please my old as well as my newer fans”.

“Unlocking the Past” includes some previously unreleased cover songs that were originally considered to be “leftovers” or additional bonus tracks for previous JORN albums. Many of them were never included on any official release. Some brand new covers were also recorded specifically for this release. Dust has been brushed from these recordings; the remix of  ”Burn”, “The day the earth caught fire” (which originally appeared on Jorn’s solo debut album “Starfire”), and the remastered version of ”On and On” (which was supposed to appear on a Millennium covers album a few years back), complete the tracklisting of the album.

“I’m very excited about releasing these songs from the treasure chest” Jorn says and surely this is nothing less than a nice present for the numerous fans of one of the greatest Rock singers today.

The tracklisting on the two albums will be as follows:

“Unlocking the Past”
On And On (originally recorded by MSG); Fool For Your Loving (originally recorded by Whitesnake); Cold Sweat (originally recorded by Thin Lizzy); Lonely Is The Word/Letters From Earth (originally recorded by Black Sabbath); Burn (originally recorded by Deep Purple); Feel Like Making Love (originally recorded by Bad Company); Kill The King (originally recorded by Rainbow); Perfect Strangers (originally recorded by Deep Purple); Naked City (originally recorded by KISS); The Day The Earth Caught Fire (originally recorded by City Boy).

“The Gathering”
Something Real; Gonna Find The Sun; Bridges Will Burn; Young Forever; Tungur Knivur; One Day We Will Put Out The Sun; Sunset Station; Hourglass; Gate Of Tears; House Of Cards; My Own Way; Worldchanger; Abyss Of Evil; Where The Winds Blow; Christine; Big.

Release date for both records will be  January 26th 2007 in Europe, with Japanese release on Marquee/Avalon. Watch out for JORN touring Europe in a city near you during spring ‘07 !


Escape announce new release from PHENOMENA

Escape Music are pleased to announce the Limited Edition 3 CD Digipack release of the first three albums by Phenomena; “Phenomena”, “Dream Runner” and “Innervision”, all digitally remastered and with a total of six bonus tracks – the release date is set to the 6th of December.

All three albums were chart successes, second album “Dream Runner” spent close to four months on the Swedish sales charts and peaked at number five, the other two also landed top twenty spots and made long visits on the charts.

The first album entitled Phenomena (1985) featured many international musicians such as Cozy Powell, Glenn Hughes, Don Airey, Neil Murray and Mel Galley. The second album “Dream Runner” was recorded in the summer of 1987, it features musicians such as John Wetton, Ray Gillen, Neil Murray, Max Bacon, Glenn Hughes and Scott Gorham. The single “Did If All For Love”, featuring John Wetton on lead vocals charted in most European countries. The third album “Innervison” (1992) carried on in the true classical Phenomena style and also took the project on the road, featuring musicians such as Keith Murell on vocals while guitars were handled Brian May from Queen and Scott Gorham from Thin Lizzy.

SINNER finish new disc

SINNER just finished the recordings of forthcoming album “Mask Of Sanity” and the mixing session is in full swing. Achim Koehler is mixing the tracks of “Mask Of Sanity” and first sound clips will be online very soon!

We can also announce, that Christof Leim of “The Traceelords” officially joined the new SINNER line up as the bands second guitarist! Welcome Christof, we’re proud to have you on board and let’s have some metal & fun in the future!

Lars Forseth and Michael Bormann about RAIN:

Lars Forseth : “We started the recordings for this album in February 2005. Michael had a bunch of suggestions ready by the time we arrived, and we kicked some stuff around for a while and then went for it. It came together pretty easily and we made more or less all the songs in the studio. In two weeks time we had 12 Songs recorded.

We all think the songs are “stronger” than the first album, as they are a little bit more edgy. We put some more balls and attitude into all the sessions, and we think it came across pretty good. The mixture of groovy & modern elements in songs like “DO YOU LIKE IT” & “GET OVER IT”, poprocksongs like “DESERVE IT” , “CRAZY”, “FLESH & BLOOD”, “LOVE IS BY YOUR SIDE” heavy rockers like “INSOBRIETY” & “LET ME BE YOUR FAVORITE” and great ballads like “ID DIE FOR YOU”, “THE OTHER SIDE” & “LOVESONG”, make “Stronger” such a great album.

We had a blast during the making of “Stronger” and we hope, that everybody else will dig it as much as we do! It´s only Rock & Roll!”

Michael Bormann: “Well, at the time, when Jaded Heart and me went separate ways, I was of course disappointed and shocked. Life teaches you again and again, that nothing is really predictable. Anyway, this little slap in the face couldn´t hold me back from what I was born for. MUSIC!

Right now it might look like, that I am dancing on 4 different weddings, which is more or less a matter of a bad timing. All three records (ZENO, RAIN & REDRUM) were done, way before I started with my solorecord “conspiracy”. By the time, that I´d set a releasedate for it, I still had no clue about all the other releasedates. As I was already for too long out of the scene, I couldn´t wait any longer. After setting my releasedate, everybody else followed. As we see, almost at the same time ;-). Weather good or not, it is like it is. So, I hope the best for each record.

I will try now to let you be part of my impressions to each project. Let´s start with RAIN:

It was a very sideproject, or better a studiojob for me in the very beginning. It turned out to become a real band. Nobody knew this back then. We just connected in all ways.
As this came clear, I didn´t want to be just a hired singer. We all decided to bring me in as a songwriter. That was the time, that we also decided to produce a record like a band. That means TOGETHER!
So we all took 2 weeks of to meet in my studio to write and record songs. The first record was nothing else than 5 or 6 sessions in different studios, where we recorded about 3 to 4 songs.
So, finally we grew as a band and the result you can hear. We had so much fun making it!
Musically we also had no limits, so that we were able to use even modern elements. That´s great, as it opens a wider range in the songwriting. FANTASTIC ALBUM!

Well, I can´t really tell you so much. Zeno, no it was Naoko, called me up after listening to the songsamples on my homepage. We talked a couple of times and I also thought, that his music fits my voice. It was funny, as he didn´t know nothing about me and the other way around ;-), ha ha..
He first wanted me to sing only 5 songs on “runway to the gods”, as he still planned to also have Tommy or Michael on the record. Both rejected then during my vocalsession, as they were too busy. So it turned out to be just me! I really like the songs and basicly Zeno´s songwriting. He is a great musician. I didn´t really like, that I couldn´t bring myself into his songs. I sang 100% the way, he wanted me to. No matter what. It is a great album!

It was pretty much the same story like with Zeno. First I received an email, asking if I would sing in a project and the rest then via telephone. The only difference was, that these guys knew me from Jaded Heart. They sent me some songs later, basicly unfinished. So, here I had the chance to co-write, as some songs already had vocal-lines, some didn´t. I worked on most of the stuff in my studio and sent the files back to Thessaloniki, where I also sang 3 songs. That´s, when I had to find out, that these guys are just great and totally on my wave ;-). We also played a couple of shows last year, but due to some line up changes, we rerecorded some stuff, that I will mix now in my studio. By the end of 2006 it will be finally finished.
A releasedate could be February/March 2007. Great stuff, great guys ;-). GREAT COUNTRY!

What to say about my own music. Here goes my baby ;-). I have all the freedom to do whatever I want, which is the greatest thing. As people know me, I always needed a good mixture of rocksongs and ballads. You know, I never wanted to sing, or write, just for one direction. My songs are made for everybody. For young and old, for Woman and man. I want them all. Some say: too many slow songs. Yeah, that´s fine with me. Others say: Oh, these ballads are sooo fantastic. Please more.. Tastes are different and this is great. I write for what ever people like.
Everybody picks, what he likes. I do the same, when I buy me a record. And believe me. Not so many records are filled with only great songs…
Anyway. Make a long story short. I think, if I like/love my music, a lotta people do also. I stand for what I am. Great songs with great lyrics and I think, that I can also sing a little bit ;-)… Michael

Moonspell won MTV Europe’s award for Best Portuguese Act, competing with multi-platinum Hip – Hop and Pop bands. This is the first time in history that a Metal band has won this award. The band has issued the following statement online:
We won MTV Euro awards for best Portuguese act and wish to dedicate it to all people around the world who voted for us and helped Moonspell to become a stronger band and Portuguese Metal more known to the abroad scene! Thank you a million moons!!!  ~Fernando and Moonspell
Moonspell continue to tour in support of their new album “Memorial” which was released earlier this year through SPV / Steamhammer.  The appropriately dubbed “Nocturnal Mourning” tour with special guests Katatonia and Daylight Dies is hitting the world famous Whiskey A Go Go in L.A. this Sunday Nov. 5th. The tour will then roll through Anaheim and start heading east until the final show Nov. 19th at the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT. 
w/ MOONSPELL, Katatonia, Daylight Dies
presented by Decibel and

11/05/06 Los Angeles, CA -Whiskey A Go Go
11/06/06 Anaheim, CA -House Of Blues
11/09/06 Tempe, AZ -The Clubhouse
11/10/06 Albuquerque, NM -The Launch Pad
11/11/06 San Antonio, TX -White Rabbit
11/12/06 Houston, TX -Warehouse Live
11/13/06 Ft. Worth, TX -Ridglea Theater
11/15/06 St. Petersburg, FL -State Theater
11/16/06  Atlanta, GA  -Masquerade
11/17/06 Springfield, VA -Jaxx
11/18/06 Troy, NY Revolution Hall
11/19/06 Hartford, CT Webster Theatre / Underground

Norma Jean on Tour

Norma Jean frontman – Cory Brandan states, “We are currently on tour and took some time to fly out to NYC for a taping of Headbangers Ball to premier our new video for the song “Blueprints for Future Homes” (from their Solid State release titled, “REDEEMER”.)  

When Asked about their new video, Cory Explains, “We are so excited about this video! It is seriously the best video we’ve ever done… I turn into a wolf in this video for a second and my head turns into a TV too. There’s lots of animation and we’re on top of a spinning building. Directed by Popcore who also directed our last video “Liarsenic” (who since have done two Underoath video’s).

“Blueprints..” is a very meaningful song to us, I can’t wait for our fans to see it.

Don’t miss Norma Jean’s Headline performance on the Radio Rebellion Tour dates are as follows!

Norma Jean w/ Between the Buried and Me, Before the March of Flames, Misery Signals:

11/05 – Anaheim, CA – House of Blues
11/07 – San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore
11/08 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theater
11/09 – Seattle, WA – Fenix/The Premier
11/10 – Vancouver, BC – Croatian Cultural Center
11/11 – Calgary, AB – MacEwan Hall
11/12 – Edmonton, AB – The Starlite Room
11/14 – Boise, ID – The Big Easy
11/15 – Ogden, UT – Club Boom Va
11/16 – Denver, CO – Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
11/17 – Omaha, NE – Sokol Underground
11/18 – St. Louis, MO – Mississippi Nights
11/19 – Minneapolis, MN – First Ave
11/20 – Madison, WI – Fast Forward
11/25 – Louisville, KY – Headliner’s Music Hall
11/26 – Pittsburgh, PA – Club Zoo
11/27 – Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s Down Under
11/28 – Buffalo, NY – Buffalo Icon
11/29 – New York, NY – Irving Plaza
11/30 – Norfolk, VA – The Norva
12/01 – Wilmington, NC – Rox
12/02 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade