Onslaught – Legendary British Thrashers

Sy Keeler – The vocalist of Onslaught

Interview & live pictures by Luxi Lahtinen

Thanks to Duke for the transcription 


"I am so excited and can’t wait for everyone to hear the finished album. Thrash Metal will never be the same again. It’s time for Slayer to step aside. Our lyrical content is ugly and ‘will’ upset people. The music is so fucking brutal. Is that the same band who recorded IN SEARCH OF SANITY? A mix of POWER FROM HELL and THE FORCE, dragged screaming and thrashing into the 21st century. You have been warned!"Sy Keeler on 25th of July 2006

Hmmm…. such brave words from such a bravely talking guy. Metal-Rules.com wanted to find out how much Sy?s announcement held water by testifying the band?s live appearance at the precious Jalometalli Festival in Oulu, Finland on August 18th. The band not only played a well-chosen cavalcade of old Onslaught classic songs at Jalometalli, but also threw a couple of new songs off from their forth-coming 4th album, titled KILLING PEACE (due to out in February 2007 on Candlelight Records) as teasers. According to these new songs they played for their Finnish fans, "Destroyer of the World" and the album?s title track "Killing Peace", it can somewhat fully be subscribed the time has come for Slayer to step aside – not matter how good Slayer?s latest album CHRIST ILLUSION was. KILLING PEACE will contain 9 new songs full of hard, heavy and fast Thrash Metal without any kind of compromises, the way we ?old timers? still remember Onslaught when Sy was screaming his lungs out in the classic Onslaught line-up.

Sy talks about the new album in this very interview for Metal-Rules.com – and just about much more…



It shouldn?t be any news for anyone that Onslaught was reunited in 2005 and since then you have both doing some gigs around the Europe, and currently you have also been recording your new, 4th album entitled KILLING PEACE. So, I?d like to know how?s the album coming together?

Very, very well. The drum tracks are done and the rhythm guitar tracks are done and sounding amazing, very very tight. It?s going to be a great Onslaught album.

How has it been to work with Andy Sneap anyway?

So far so good. I?ve only met him very briefly. Steve was up there with him for a week and Nige and Alan were there for a few days to do guitar tracks. It?s so easy these days, noone has to be there at the same time. If you have rehearsed, you just go in and do all the parts.

Has he been giving you guys any useful tips during the whole recording session how some parts should be done or how they should sound like in order to make a better impact on listeners eventually?

Oh crikey, yeah! He?s a very clever man, very clever on the desks. As for your question, he?s actually been giving us various guitar tips. The recording of guitars these days was surprising. Everything was recorded very bare, very naked, so it has a very old fashioned guitar sound and then he revamps everything to give it a big sound.

How would you compare this album to your previous releases content-wise? Would you say it?s kind of mixture of both your debut album POWER FROM HELL and your 2nd album THE FORCE, having a bit punk?ish feel of your debut album POWER FROM HELL and dark and heavy Thrash Metal feel of THE FORCE?

You?ve got it there! You hit the nail on the head, that was exactly what we were aiming for was to mix those completely. IN SEARCH OF SANITY, nobody really liked that album, the songs were good but it was far too polished. So we returned to POWER FROM HELL and THE FORCE.

Are you going to use some new elements on KILLING PEACE that may even come sort of surprise for some Onslaught ?fans?

I wouldn?t say anything new. We?ve all improved as musicians, definitely, despite being ten years older. IN SEARCH OF SANITY was released in 1989. 15 years ago. Steve is a far better drummer. The songs are faster, some of the fastest songs Onslaught ever recorded. I think we will surprise ourselves. I have surprised myself with my voice. Hopefully you will hear a more aggressive Sy Keeler with all the Sy Keeler trademarks intact, I still hit the high ones.

I?m glad to hear all those things from you. One of my favorite Onslaught ?songs – without a question, is ?Flame of the Antichrist? which is a very creepy, eerie and dark song all in all. Is there any songs on your new album that could probably sound similar to ?Flame of the Antichrist?, I mean, having this creepy, dark and eerie vibe in them?

Do you mean the intro or the whole song?

The whole song, including the intro as well…

Well, there are no bells and no wind so far. But there are some intros like that, some songs with very slow intros that then burst into a huge riff. As far as extra effects go, who knows what will happen when we get it all recorded? When it comes to the mixing stage we have a couple of song that we?re gonna link somehow so there might be some eerie effects. We don?t know ourselves yet. As far as ?Flame of the Antichrist? goes, we never knew what we wanted to put on there right until the last day. I remember that day. We had this huge keyboard that we couldn?t really play so we used to play it all at the same time and put all those chords out. It all came together in the spur of the moment. So when the album is done, we?ll take it away and maybe we will think ?well, we need something in there?.

Can you tell already what are your own favorite songs on KILLING PEACE and for what reason (-s) as a matter of speaking?

All of them, I love all of them!

Could you pick up just one particular song out of your new stuff that has kind of melted your heart for some special reason?

Oh crikey! It?s too difficult, right now I can?t. Maybe again, when it is finished I might be able to say, but I don?t think I will. This album has nine songs, nine very strong songs, absolutely no fillers at all. We?ve taken a year to get these songs absolutely right. We?ve re-written two of the songs almost completely from their original incarnations. They were the first two songs we wrote when we got back together and were finding our feet again with our newfound brutality, so they developed. Those two songs have been re-written twice now I think to find the current state for the recording, pretty damn heavy and pretty damn aggressive.

As for the lyrical content on KILLING PEACE, you have announced to the public already it?s gonna be ?ugly? and will upset at least some (religious) people. So that makes me to ask from you have you taken even a deeper view into the dark side and satanic themes as far as the lyrics of your new songs are concerned?

(laughs) We hope so! We hope to have the same sort of effects that Slayer have had with their lyrical content on their new album. They seem to have created a lot of interest with tracks like ?Jihad?. Our songs are lyrically as scathing so I think they will upset some people. I hope they do! (laughs) It?s mainly based upon our disdain for religion, organized religion, and everything that comes with that. KILLING PEACE is very scathing towards organized religions, not any particular religion, but in general. Another song is ?Spitting Blood in the Face of God? and I think that tells a story.

Did you write all the lyrics for the new album?

No. Nigel has written most of them again. He?s very clever when it comes to nihilistic unpleasant lyrics.


Why did you name the album to KILLING PEACE? If one can read between the lines, does it somehow refer to all those years when Onslaught was put on ice ?til you reunited and came back in this unholy year 2005 – started making some noise again and actually ?killed that peace? when Onslaught was away from the metal scene for years?  

Well, it actually has a double meaning, of course. First of all, KILLING PEACE as in, we?re noisy motherfuckers taking no prisoners. Secondly, the religious context. It fits very well since during the recording of the album we got the conflict in the Middle East and we?ve had Iraq in recent years. I think it was Nige who came up with that title, he came up with the title for the song and it developed from there. We all thought it sounded very good for an album title so we stuck with it even though we?ve written more songs since with some great titles, we?ve stuck with KILLING PEACE.



How did you end up on Candlelight Records anyway? I guess it wasn?t the only offer you received from labels when you were looking for the most ideal record company to release your reunion album…

Yeah. We obviously approached a fair few labels and a fair few labels approached us when they realized that we were back together. Candlelight seemed to show the most interest. As far as rosters go, Nuclear Blast, just as an example, has 30 or 40 bands of a similar genre to ourselves. So we?re thinking ?Hang on a minute, if they have that many bands on the roster, who are they taking care of?? They can?t take care of everybody all the time. And Candlelight showed a huge interest, we got basically a worldwide release on that label. They have offices in the United States, Japan and of course in Europe and their distribution in Europe is second to none. Eventually we came down to three or four labels that showed a great interest and we chose Candlelight. Not because they were prepared to give us more money, these days money isn?t thrown around like it was in the 80s. We arranged a deal ourselves with Andy Sneap and got a very good deal so they were quite happy to hand over the money that we had agreed on.

Did it has something to do with the fact Candlelight Records is a British label?

Of course it did! Their head office is in London. Their distribution company is Plastic Head based in Oxford, which is about an hour drive from where we live. We can be there at the drop of a hat, but there haven?t been many meetings actually. It?s been very smooth. It?s nice to be with a British label.




Looking back in time when you joined the band in the end of 1985 or something, and from those days further ?til Onslaught split up, could you tell what was, or what were your personal highlight(-s) of the band as the vocalist of this band when Onslaught had this so-called ?big wheel? was rollin? right after THE FORCE was released? It can be some single gig experience when you did tours ? or getting the first test pressings of THE FORCE album out from the pressing plant, or meeting some famous musicians back then who possibly came to you and thanked you personally for your well-done performance in some certain show ? or just whatever what your mind can still recall?

I joined the band in -86, in January 1986 precisely. We recorded THE FORCE in March ?86 so I was in the band for like five weeks and then we were in the studio. That was a roller coaster being young and not very level headed. My first gig was at the original Marquee club in London. For me being a huge music fan of the old school, Zeppelin, Floyd, Hendrix etcetera, to walk out on the floors of the Marquee on my first gig. That was pretty awesome. It was incredible. Then the Mot?ad tour, being on the road in Europe for a month supporting them. That was pretty amazing, too. We learned a few lessons from the masters and they?re still teaching the youngsters these days I?m glad to say. We tried to get on the Mot?ad tour for this December, the British tour but they had already arranged the main support at that time, Clutch are supporting. Maybe next year… We?ve made lots of friends in the last year. We became very good friends with Exodus, we played a couple of gigs with them in December of 2005. We only did two shows but we got on very very well and met up with them again in June of this year in Spain. So we may be approaching them for their next tour. We?ll see what happens.

Damn, then we need to get you guys to play in Finland again…

Ha-ha… This has been amazing for us already. Just in the last year we?ve played new countries. We played Sweden Rock Festival, we went to Spain for the first time in June and we are now in Finland for the first time. It?s incredible.

It?s really cool for us, the Finnish Onslaught ?fans, to have you here at the Jalometalli festival. I?ve been a fan of Onslaught since POWER FROM HELL came out, and THE FORCE is still one of my favorite Thrash Metal albums ever.

Thank you. We haven?t changed the songs at all, our live set consists mainly of songs from THE FORCE, we play two new ones, two from POWER FROM HELL and five from THE FORCE and they all sound fresh. They don?t just sound like they?ve been dragged from 1986, they sound like they?ve been dragged kicking and screming into the 21st century. It?s brutal, it?s fast and as I said, we have all improved as musicians. When we first got back together and entered the rehearsal room to play? I don?t remember what we were trying to play, but let?s say ?Metal forces?. It sounded terrible. We played ?Shellshock?. That sounded terrible. So we were thinking ?Was this such a good idea?? (laughs) But there was something there that we realized was gonna work so we persisted and within a few months we all found our feet again. Even then it was sounding far better than it ever did. Now, hopefully you will be impressed by what we?re doing with the old songs. The two new songs tonight we have been playing live for some time now and most people say they sound like they come off THE FORCE. We?ve grasped that spirit of THE FORCE definitely.



1986… What a year for Thrash Metal! Slayer put out REIGN IN BLOOD in 1986, Dark Angel released their legendary album DARKNESS DESCENDS, Metallica?s MASTER OF PUPPETS was released back then – and you guys put out THE FORCE at the very same year. For me that particular year was some sort of peak for Thrash Metal…

It was a good year for Thrash Metal. Hopefully there will come a time when we re-record THE FORCE and selected tracks from POWER FROM HELL and IN SEARCH OF SANITY because they still sound so good and we?re so excited playing them now, 20 years on. We?re playing the same songs and loving it, there?s nothing we dislike in the set.

In 1986 you were also invited to play in the legendary Dynamo Festival for over 7000 people. I guess that was sort of a ?dream-come-true? show for Onslaught which each of you will always remember for the rest of your lifes, wasn?t it?

Yeah, that one slipped my mind! How could that slip my mind? That was pretty amazing. We came on stage and the place erupted. It was in the old car park in front of the old Dynamo festival club. I remember distinctly that I had to walk uphill, walking up the stage and it was a huge stage. That was our first and until this year our only festival. We opened with ?Let There Be Death? and the place just erupted. The security barriers in front of the stage were just dismantled, they were up in the air and passed back so the crowd could get to the front of the stage. The security guards were beating kids up and we stopped halfway through ?Metal Forces?, which I think was the second or third song, because it had gone too far. There was blood being spilled so we stopped to calm everybody down. The security guards were terrible, they just couldn?t handle it at all. It was crazy and it was amazing!

So people just went totally crazy when you guys just walked on stage… and that?s exactly what happened?

That?s exactly what happened. It went crazy. It surprised us like… WOW!


In Dynamo in 1986 you also played with some other English legendary Heavy Metal bands like Angel Witch and Satan. Did you manage to meet and talk to those guys later after your killer performance at that festival?

Yeah, we met them on the ferry. Now as then, if we go to Holland or Belgium we catch the ferry. So we were on the ferry with Angel Witch on the way back and we had some fun. Some drinking fun?

So I gotta assume that you also became friends with those guys from then on?

Yeah, we didn?t keep in touch or anything like that, it was a passing moment where we got on very well. These days with the guys from Exodus, they?ve been making very nice comments about us, nice guys. We?re friends these days.

It was written in media back then you kind of stole the whole event by playing a very wild and frantic show for all of those people there in the audience…

Apparently so. I wasn?t going to say that but I think we did. (laughs)

Do you remember were there other Thrash bands playing at the same festival back then?

I don?t think so, no. That was in ?86 and I guess there weren?t many Thrash bands at the time in Europe. We were one of the bigger European Thrash bands. Bands like Sodom and Kreator were in their infancy, I think they just had their first albums out. Maybe their second albums, but they were relatively small, just well known within their own country. Kreator, Sodom and Destruction have obviously grown internationally since then to be headline acts themselves. Hopefully we can regain our stature. Over the next few months and next year we will be playing alongside these guys. At that festival I think Chariot were playing. They?re from London. As you say, Satan and Angel Witch, Paul Di?Anno?s Battlezone, and the festival was headlined by Joshua. Whatever happened to Joshua? I?m pleased to say that they are no more. They were Americans and I remember them having very large egos for no reason at all, because they weren?t a particularly big band. I think they got to headline the Dynamo festival because they were the only American band on the bill. ?They just have bigger egos than everyone else, so we put them on top!? (laughs) 



What can you tell about a guy called Stefan Galfas (a producer for Onslaught back then who has also produced such bands as Stryper and Meat Loaf)?

What can I tell? I don?t have much to say about Stefan.

He was one of the main reasons why you were fired from Onslaught, correct?

Apparently. I was having a hard time and a very unpleasant time but looking back now there are no hard feelings, certainly not towards the guys in the band. I wouldn?t be here if there were any hard feelings. Steve approached me at the end of 2004. He opooped into my place of work and asked if I wanted to be part of the reformed Onslaught and I immediately said yes. To be honest, as far as London Records and Stefan Galfas go, I have nothing further to say. I haven?t laid awake at night thinking about the situation. I quite honestly have nothing to say, positive or negative.

It has been said that he wanted to make Onslaught somehow a more commercial sounding band that could have appealed more people musically, and obviously bring in more money for the label?

Oh, definitely! You just have to listen to the finished product IN SEARCH OF SANITY and how polished it sounds. It lost that Thrash Metal rawness definitely and ultimately that was the start of the decline and downfall of Onslaught. Steve Grimmett is a lovely guy, I?ve got nothing bad to say about him taking over after me. But their popularity went into decline and there came a point at the end of 1990 ? by that time I had formed a band called Mirror Mirror and we were doing sorta Queensryche kind of stuff, nothing like my voice is now, and we supported Onslaught and an American band called Dead On on the British tour. Tony O?Hora was singing for Onslaught then. A few of the towns they played gave good turnouts but a few of the others gave a hundred people or eighty people. In one place there was 50 people. Nige wasn?t happy backstage. And Jim and Robin who played in the band at that time weren?t happy. I think the day after that tour finished, Jim and Robin left the band. Onslaught were no more.


What did you do after you left Onslaught? I already happen to know that you had this Mirror Mirror -thing going on, which was a whole different thing musically compared to Onslaught. Did you have any other musical projects or bands going on since your departure from Onslaught that sounded similar to Onslaught, I mean, more Thrash ?orientated projects or bands?

No, not at all. I think Thrash Metal in general was in decline back then. I just wanted to try something new to use by voice a bit more. My voice was going through a period of transition during the IN SEARCH OF SANITY recording. I was being pushed to sing a bit more, lose the aggression a bit. By the time it came to forming Mirror Mirror I was singing more in the Geoff Tate realms. It was quite enjoyable, but I?m enjoying this style a lot more. But Thrash Metal then was in decline all around so the guy I teamed up with, we just wrote songs and that?s the way they turned out.

How did you personally feel about the IN SEARCH OF SANITY album musically that featured Steve Grimmett on vocals? Did you like his vocals on it and do you overall consider it as an Onslaught album, having not your trademark?ish vical style in those songs on that album?

Well, I think most people thought they didn?t sound like Onslaught anymore. I was hearing the album as it was being recorded, I was in the studio pretty much all the time until the final mix. Then it was a bit of a shock to be honest. I knew it was going to be something different. It was going that way, the guitars were very processed, and it had a very big ?80s drums sound. I knew it was moving away from the Thrash Metal tradition of being raw. So when I heard the final mix I wasn?t surprised to hear what I heard. I was disappointed and of course I was disappointed that I wasn?t singing on it.

Were you actually demoing some of the songs for that album?

For SANITY? Yes. There is a tape with six? I think all bar ?Work of the Damned? were demoed. So there is a tape in my possession. The demos were raw, they were great. I still put it on sometimes and think ?Yeah, that what should have been made?.

Still some thoughts about IN SEARCH OF SANITY album. As you did sing some demo tracks that were meant to appear on that album later, I was just wondering have you guys ever thought of re-recording the songs on IN SEARCH OF SANITY all over again, but this time having your vocal input in them?

Yes. We have talked about it. We were going to do that at the same time as this album, but time constraints and financial constraints made us put it off a bit. But that is a plan for the future, yes, to re-record IN SEARCH OF SANITY the way it should have been done. We play ?Shellshock? live. You will notice a big difference with that, much thrashier. It?s still recognizable as ?Shellshock? but we?ve tried to make it sound like the rest of our set as possible. It?s been stripped down, there?s no harmony guitar parts in it, it?s more aggressive, vocally much more aggressive.


What about the ex-Onslaught members, Paul Mahoney (bass) and Jase Stallard (rhythm guitar) who, you were recording THE FORCE album. Have you kept in touch with any of those two fellows at some level since you worked with them for Onslaught? Do you have any idea what they are up to these days?

Yeah, when we reformed and did some warm-up gigs. Our first official comeback gig was in our hometown of Bristol, which was very good. The place was sold out. But we played two very low-key dates in small towns near Bristol as warm-ups and Paul was there for those gigs. He was a major contributor to our web site for a long time but then all of a sudden he stopped. We have had no contact for ten months now, not heard a word. As for Jase, we actually rehearse in the same building as his band so we see him occasionally and he?s in contact. He?s changed an awful lot. He?s very large now? (laughs)

But he?s still working with music?

He?s in a cover?s band. They do punk rock covers from Green Day to Sex Pistols at pubs as much as they can.

But let?s get back to this moment again. What do you expect from the gig tonight when you will be playing in the front of the Finnish audience for the first time, just within 2 hours or so?

I?ve no idea – I absolutely have no idea!

I can already tell you there are a lot of old school Onslaught -fans in the audience waiting to hear the old songs, especially from THE FORCE. Like people near by my age ? and over.

That?s right, at the festivals most of the people who have come specifically to see us have been your generation and my generation, the old school fans. Obviously we are quite another generation now from the guys and gals in their late teens or even early teens. Their mothers and fathers could play them Onslaught albums. I?ve got friends who have kids at 15 or 16 that are being introduced to old school thrash metal and they?re loving it. But it?s great to have the old guard there for us, that?s great, but we obviously want the new generation of fans there as well, because we?re so much faster and more aggressive now and that fits what the teenager of this generation are listening to. And Thrash Metal is on the up. Slayer have never really gone away but their new album has charted top five everywhere in the world I think.


I think Slayer?s new album CHRIST ILLUSION was no. 2 on the official Finnish chart just last week…

That?s right, number two. In the US I think it went to number five. In the UK number five or number four. Thrash Metal in general is coming to a peak again, so I think this album will be released at the right time. It looks like it will be put back until January because we?re a little late in recording the album. Andy Sneap had to fit something else in. we were due to go into the studio again on the first of July but we?re a month late because he had other projects that he had to finish. We were originally looking at an October release for the album, but once you start to go into November it gets close to Christmas and it just gets lost. Noone releases metal albums that time of year. It?s just Paul McCartney, it?s all pop and Christmas songs, so it would probably get lost in the mess that is Christmas. So we will wait and I think it?s scheduled for the end of January.


I already know that you have been playing at least one new song off of your forth-coming album on your gigs lately, this song called ?Destroyer of the Worlds? But what about any other ?teasers? off of KILLING PEACE tonight?

We are gonna play the title track of our forth-coming, ?Killing Peace?.

You only played ?Destroyer?? at the Swedenrock festival…

Yes, but I can?t remember why. We had less time in Sweden and since we?re still living on our past history we felt that we should stick to just one new one. Our set is pretty fast and ?Destroyer?? isn?t a fast-fast-fast Thrash Metal song. We always vote on that, should we do ?Killing Peace?- or should we do ?Destroyer??? Hands up for ?Destroyer??! We?ll do ?Destroyer??! That?s how it works. We swapped the set around for that one and opened with ?Shellshock? in Sweden. Every festival with multiple stages people go on and off. ?Oh, Onslaught are on, let?s go see them!? So we saved ?Let There Be Death?, the ultimate Thrash Metal song, until people knew we were on stage and then went back to the normal set.




You?ll also travel to Japan to do a 2-day mini-festival called ?Thrash Domination? on September 16th and 17th  – playing shows at the famous Japanese Club Citta in Tokyo, together with f.ex. Venom, Death Angel and Sodom. This is gonna be your very first time to play for the Japanese crowd, so I guess you must be at least as excited about playing there as your Japanese fans are waiting to see Onslaught playing in front of them, correct?

Yeah, that?s gonna be good for everyone. We already played some shows with Venom in March of this year in the UK. We played three shows that were very good, nice guys. And it was because of Venom; Venom?s agent called us and said ?Would you like to go to Japan?? So what can you say? Like you already said, it?s our first time in Japan – that?s incredible!


Do you have any kind of expectations about playing in Japan? People over there are very fanatical, I?m told.

The most popular album in Japan was IN SEARCH OF SANITY, which doesn?t mean that we?re going to play any more songs from SANITY. We will probably stick to just doing ?Shellshock?, but we will probably introduce some more new songs in Japan. We haven?t had time to rehearse the new songs to do them today. We rehearsed last Thursday and that was the first time together for a week and a half so we just rehearsed the set that we?ve been playing. We will have a gap between finishing the album and going to Japan, about three weeks so we can get more new songs ready for Japan.

Since it?s a two day festival there, are you going to play exactly the same sets on both of the nights?

Yes, we play on both nights, but will probably play different sets. We have about an hour so one night we will drop a couple of songs and put some others in. People will come to both shows as they often do when you play two shows in one city.

What tour plan do you have after that?

We play at Bloodstock in the UK at the end of September. That?s an indoor festival which is very popular about three and a half thousand people. We have already gotten some good response from people going to the festival specifically to see us. We have some shows at the start of November but nothing in October because originally that would be the time for the album to be released. So we will have to rely on the promoter to arrange something for that time now that the album will be delayed. In November we will play in Paris and at the Keep It True festival in Germany, a very small festival but fanatical. It has something like a 500 capacity so it?s gonna be hot and sweaty with water running off the walls. It?s gonna be a good one. Then we?ll see what occurs in November and December again, nothing else planned at the moment but we?re working on some ideas. I mentioned Exodus earlier, maybe we can do that.

A crazy bunch of Finnish Onslaught -fans

But when your new album KILLING PEACE hits the stores, I assume you will tour for it, right?

Oh yes! Got to, got to, got to! If the album comes out in January we will be looking at promotion around that time and next summer to play as many of the festivals as possible in Europe, Wacken, Gods of Metal in Italy, Metalway in Spain and?

You need to come to Finland and play at Tuska, too!

Tuska, that was the one I was thinking about, I got it confused with one in Norway (Hole in the Sky festival ? Luxi adds). We go online every day and every day we find new festivals. I have a list compiled of 50 festivals. We?ve got contacts with a guy in South America, he?s very interested in taking us over there. That would be another first, another highlight to the list of the many of the last few months, this being one of them. It?s great to be treated so well, every festival you get so much respect from people. There doesn?t seem to be any arrogance among other bands. The guys from Exodus were great, the guys from Anvil were great, but we didn?t get to meet David Coverdale. Whitesnake were headlining but he was like whisked in and whisked out again. We met the guys from Queensryche in the hotel, no egos.

So those guys were kinda down-to-earth persons to you?


I was surfing through the Internet the other day ? and found this 2-track Onslaught single released in Japan only, with songs like ?Shadow of death? and ?Black Horse of Famine?. I need to ask from you is it an official Onslaught release done by permission of you ? or just some cheap bootleg only?

In Japan? Really?

Yeah, that?s what it says. Do you know anything more about that?

No, I don?t. Is it a CD -single, or a seven inch single?

Uh, I have no idea know ? just saw this picture of it in the Internet. It had this new Onslaught logo on it, having this ?devil? -figure placed behind it.

Nige, do you know of a Japanese single with ?Shadow of Death? – with the new logo and devil in it?

(… and a short silence descends…)

(laughs) We have to investigate that!

I have never heard about this before.

Neither have we! (laughs) Maybe someone got hold of old tapes, but I can?t see where they would get a decent copy from. Yeah, ?Shadow of Death? and ?Black Horse of Famine? were very early Onslaught songs… way before my time. I?ve got someone in mind who might have done such a thing, especially with the new logo. It?s peculiar. Very interesting… I?m looking into that.

Ok Sy, I think it has come time for me to thank you for this pleasant chat with you, and wish you guys all the best for your tonight?s gig.

Thank you. It was my pleasure talking to you. After the show, join us for a few beers here at the backstage, will ya?

Thanks… we will. C-ya later then!






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