Philosopher – Laws ov Form

Reviewed: November 2006
Released: 2006, Ruptured Silence Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The German dark ´Lovecraftian´ Death metallers returns, with a new 3-song EP (+ bonus video) in their hands, after keeping their weapons of mass destructions in dark and cold for quite some time. If some of you still remember the band´s 1st EP, WHAT DWELLS BEYOND (2002), the guys had surely learnt well how to catch old school Death Metal sound easily, and how to get the ball rollin´ for reaching something extraordinary great musically that made Morgoth´s CURSED – and Death´s LEPROSY albums such classic Death Metal releases of their time. The German Philosopher do have a clear understanding what old school Death Metal should be all about – and that´s so cool about them.

LAWS OV FORM introduces 2 new songs from Philosopher that both are still flagging strongly for old school Death Metal, added with some keyboard parts that are obviously meant to create a thicker and basically more atmosphere for the songs. “Skepticide”, which has a nice intro, reminds a listener of Nile due to this pompous yet familiar, Egyptian-sounding, keyboard-ridden opening part. Right after the intro ends, the actual song part continues victoriously Philosopher´s own concept about a heavy, crushing and mid-paced old school Death Metal, and the song indeed sounds damn awesome. In the end it starts oddly reaching those moments where we can pick up Immolation´s name as comparison to it even – thanks to Mike´s deep death grunts added with a very eerie atmosphere that sounds like human´s souls are getting drained by an army of vicious demons.

The other new song, “Thoughts”, is actually a bit better track out of these two new Philosopher songs, a heavy fucker in which some trademark´ish Immolation type of crushing heaviness dominates the song from start to end. Again, Mike´s deep as hell grunts are a real pleasure to listen to that just do so much justice to Philosopher´s ripping, limb-heavy Death Metal. Then there´s even an old Philosopher song “Within Aeons” on the EP as a live version of which I haven´t much to say about, expect the fact it does sound heavier than a studio version. Plus, this promotional CD (which arrived in a great-looking DVD-box, by the way) contained a bonus video, but I need to confess I never finished my home lessons completely, and therefore didn´t even watch the video (uh, don´t ask why).

LAWS OF FORM works out as just a fine teaser for their next album since it only has 2 new songs from these new German Death Metal Gods Philosopher. However, as quality seems to matter more to them than quantity, no unnecessary apologies need to be made from their side. Philosopher are the kings of their own little hill on the German soil – for how long, it only remains to be seen. I bet for quite some time though…


No Videos Available

Track Listing:
01. Skepticide
02. Thoughts
03. Within Aeons(Live)
04. Bonus Video

Mike Seifert – Vocals
Snakes – Guitar, synth
Christoph Weilbach – Drums & percussion, violine, piano
Tobias Trepte – Bass, programming