Main Attraction – Keep On Coming Back….

Main Attraction
Keep On Coming Back….

2006, MTM Music/Zink Music
Rating: 4.0/5

Benneck Lyngboe started out as singer/songwriter in 1987 and started working with local acts. In 1995 it was time for him to release a self-financed EP called LEAVES OF FALL, and the first edition of 1000 copies sold out. During 2001, Mr. Lyngboe felt that it was time to focus more on his own material, and it was around then he met Terje Eide and they formed a duo. With help from Eirik Gronner they released a five-track demo and a studio album. Due to musical differencies, Mr. Lyngboe left the project two years later. He took some of the material he wrote for the duo with him and released a new album under the name Main Attraction.

The Norwegian Main Attraction delivers neat and well-played melodic hard rock with a very melodic approach. I can understand why Mr. Lyngboe decided to form a melodic hard rock act, because his voice really fits this kind of music.

There’s nothing much to say about the 12 tracks except that they are EXCELLENT; all the material is great and there’s not a single weak moment on the entire album.

My favorite tracks are “Calm before the Storm”, “Remember”, “Under My Skin”, “Calling You”, “Over the Top”, “Up the Wall”, and “Man In Change”.

I recommend this to any fan of melodic hard rock and I really hope to hear more from Main Attraction in the near future.

Paul Benneck Lyngboe – lead vocals
Ronny Heimdal – guitar, keyboards
Jan Martin Kleveland – bass
Zsolt Meszaros – drums


Calm Before The Storm
Until You
Man In Change
Only One
Under My Skin
Calling You
Over The Top
Keep On Coming
Up the Wall
Blue Jean Girls
Beyond The Edge