Kottak – Therupy


2006, Escapi Music
Rating: 4.0/5

Kottak is the brainchild of James Kottak (a.k.a. Jimmy Ratchitt), the ex-drummer of Kingdom Come and current drummer of the Scorpions for a decade. Kottak was called Krunk earlier in their career. Mr. Kottak plays guitar and sings lead vocals instead of drumming, which is handled by Tommy Lee’s sister Athena.

Mr. Kottak has written songs with Athena ever since he left Kingdom Come, but mainly under the name Krunk. After a lot of trouble with the music industry, as well as Athena’s battle against cancer, they decided to turn a new page in their musical book and changed the bandname to Kottak. Along with the name change, a few new members joined the new band; only Athena and James are original members.

According to Kottak, they play music that sounds like “Cheap Trick meets Green Day on a bad day.” Well, add to that some punk-influenced heavy rock ’n roll, and then you have the full picture of what they play.

Besides the 2 covers, “Money Changes Everything” by Cyndi Lauper and “Holiday” by the Scorpions, Mr. Kottak and Athena have written all 12 songs together, and they have done a wonderful job with the material.

Instead of counting all the songs that I think are great, I will mention the ones that don’t make it; it’s much simpler that way. “Funday” and “High (In My Little Room)” are two slow, mid-tempo songs that don’t give you any lasting impressions whatsoever. “Anti” is some kind of strange rock ’n roll with Athena rapping (?!) – which sounds awful. Besides those 3 tracks, the other ones are brilliant.

This album is almost a jackpot, so I really think you all should check out Kottak in the near future.

James Kottak – lead vocals, guitar
Athena – drums, vocals
Dave Whiston – lead guitar
Rev Jones – bass, vocals

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Money Changes Everything
Song That Won’t Go Away
Do You Want To Play
I Miss You
Life Support
High (In My Little Room)
Generation X