Little Richard – Here’s Little Richard

Little Richard

Here’s Little Richard

2006, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs

Rating: 5/5

Mofi is known for releasing outstanding quality reissues. This is the case with this issue of Little Richard’s first two albums as well. Available here on one disc in the best sound quality humanly possible. These classic two albums feature Richard’s most known and well loved hits.

Featured here are 23 of the classic early Rock n’ Roll songs. These songs helped shape music as we know it. If it wasn’t for some of these songs where would music be? The influence they had on such artists like The Beatles is unmatched. Tracks like “Rip It Up”, “Slippin’ and Slidin’” and “Long Tall Sally” had a massive affect on many early Rock and Roll bands. They are timeless classics that are still covered by many bands and will be for generations. The original versions are heard here in the cleanest sound humanly possible for such old masters. You will not find a better version of these recordings anywhere. This is the ultimate Little Richard disc. Even though it may only be his first two LP’s it is all a casual fan needs. This is the definitive version of these recordings.

Another stellar product from the Mobile Fidelity label.


  1.    Tutti Frutti 
  2.    True, Fine Mama 
  3.    Can’t Believe You Wanna’ Leave 
  4.    Ready Teddy 
  5.    Baby 
  6.    Slippin’ And Slidin’ 
  7.    Long Tall Sally 
  8.    Miss Ann 
  9.    Oh Why? 
  10.    Rip It Up 
  11.    Jenny Jenny 
  12.    She’s Got It 
  13.    Keep A Knockin’ 
  14.    By The Light Of the Silvery Moon 
  15.    Send Me Some Lovin’ 
  16.    I’ll Never Let You Go 
  17.    Heeby-Jeebies aka Heebie Jeebies 
  18.    All Around The World 
  19.    Good Golly, Miss Molly 
  20.    Baby Face 
  21.    Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey 
  22.    Ooh! My Soul 
  23.    The Girl Can’t Help It 
  24.    Lucille