MSG – Tales Of Rock’n’Roll – 25 Years Celebration

Reviewed: October 2006
Released: 2006, Armageddon Music/Sound Pollution
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

On this new MSG album, the legendary Michael Schenker has gathered all the singers that have been involved in MSG throughout the years and put their songs on this album. The first part of the album is dedicated to the older lead singers and the last part is sung by Mr. Schenker’s new find, the Finnish Jari Tiura. It’s a must for every MSG fan.

Altogether there are 19 songs. It’s really fun to hear all the great singers give all they’ve got. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work so well on songs 13-19 where Jari Tiura sings. He’s a good singer but he doesn’t leave any lasting impressions. On the other hand, it’s maybe unfair to compare him to the legends that are singing on the other songs.

The material is great; I didn’t know that Mr. Schenker was so good at writing and arranging material. Other skilled musicians worth mentioning are U.F.O. bassist Pete Way and Badlands drummer Jeff Martin.

TALES OF ROCK’N’ROLL – 25 YEARS CELEBRATION is a great compilation album that ought to appeal all Michael Schenker fans; it’s an album that you can play over and over without getting tired.


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Track Listing:
The Ride
Setting Sun
Angel Of Avalon
Dreams Inside
Dust To Dust
Voice Of My Heart
Journey Man
Big Deal
St Ann
Shadow Lady
Love Trade
Human Child
Bitter Sweet
Blind Alley
Life Vacation
Rock ‘n’ Roll
Tell A Story
Life Goes On

Gary Barden – lead vocals
Graham Bonnet – lead vocals
Robin McAuley – lead vocals
Leif Sundin – lead vocals
Chris Logan – lead vocals
Kelly Keeling – lead vocals
Jari Tiura – lead vocals
Pete Way – bass
Jeff Martin – drums
Wayne Findlay – guitar, keyboards
Michael Schenker – guitar