Tuska Open Air 2006



I was already disillusioned about Sodom’s appearance at Swedenrock a month earlier and therefore there was absolutely nothing to expect from them at Tuska. Even though the 60 minute set was kicked off with the opening song “Blood On Your Lips” from the self titled album. But just like at the Swedenrock festival, the whole setlist had been created based on material from outputs of the 90’s such as “Silent Is Consent” and “Eat Me”. Of course a couple of classic songs of Sodom such as “Outbreak Of Evil” and “Remember The Fallen” were part of the set at Tuska. It is still completely odd from Angelripper to always to pick up the mandatory Motorhead cover tune “Ace Of Spades” to fill the set although Sodom has a number of killer classic tunes of their own from their loooong career. The Motorhead cover should be dropped from the set by now and replaced by some of old Sodom songs for example “Nuclear Winter” or any other old Sodom song.


Sodom would have had more chance to outbreak the evil in front of the Tuska crowd if all kinds of extra and unnecessary video shooting and other hassling had been skipped and the trio would have concentrated on playing to unleash the feeling of the napalm in the Kaisaniemi park. Seen from the point of view of a long time fan – change the set list and drop that Motorhead cover tune finally…

Need a smoke…?!


Blood on Your Lips
Outbreak of Evil
Napalm in the Morning
Silence Is Consent
Eat Me 
The Saw Is the Law
Der Wachturm
Among the Weirdcong
Remember the Fallen
Ace of Spades



The French Gojira definitely made a breakthrough of their own by getting this summer as booked to several festivals including Tuska. The Frenchmen delivered complex technical death metal with both a grinding maelstrom and obvious attitude elements tied up. The band’s fast and furious songs with the technical parts definitely impressed the audience and obtained a plenty of new fans. Despite the playing being under control, the four piece could pay a little bit attention to their stage appearance as it occasionally looked out of control.

Ocean Planet
Flying Whales
Wisdom Comes
The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
Lizard Skin




Tarot has not only done some new material for their next album, but the band has also done some extensive gigging around Finland. This included a respectable amount of summer festival gigs in Finland. The much appreciated Tuska Festival also welcomed Tarot to play at the festival and what could have been a more ideal place for them than getting a slot from the main stage on Friday. Tarot´s family had grown with one ´old-new´ member as Tommi ”Tuple” Salminen was officially added to the line-up as the 5th member. For many it was about the time as Tommi has actively been doing live gigs with the band since 1995, amongst helping out Tarot with so many other things as well.


When the band came to the stage, everything seemed to be set for them in advance. The weather couldn´t have been better as the sun was shining from a crystal clear sky, the crowd was moving restlessly, waiting to see their Heavy Metal heroes to give them a show to be remembered for – and even I had prepared myself with a couple of shots of the mighty Jagermeister just to lift up my already good festival spirit even more. So everything was basically blessed by the favorable Gods of Heavy Metal when Tarot started churning out some of their most classic material they have ever recorded together. A mixture of both ´80s – and ´90s Tarot songs obviosly did its job well enough because I have rarely seen such an enthusially and wildly moving crowd, giving their instant support to these true Grand-Old Men of the Finnish Heavy Metal, Tarot. I have never witnessed a badly done Tarot show in my entire life, and Tarot´s performance at Tuska didn´t make an exception to this rule either.  The band did what they actaully could do within the given time frame, playing a very powerful set that included such Tarot´s own musical, timeless pearls as ”Crawlspace”, ”I Rule”, ”Rider of the Last Day”, ”Wings of Darkness” and so on. It was also great to see how well the newest addition to the Tarot line-up, Tommi, treated ”Back in the Fire” and ”Veteran of the Psychic Wars (that Blu Öyster Cult -cover song)”. The man really gave lots of justice to both of the songs, simply doing his own share perfectly, and at the same time, proving to be a hell of a singer and show man, too. Now Tarot has got two awesome vocalists in the very same band – let´s envy them for that, ha!

There was no weak moment in Tarot´s set; everything just clicked in smootly during their performance and I guess none of us who were there to see Tarot playing in front of thousands of devoted and supportive metalheads, could say there was something in their well-done set that kind of could have lacked ´something´. Another perfect show from Tarot, once again. ;o)

Getting ready to have some fun… AAARRGGHH!!


Celtic Frost

All right, the legendary Swiss avantgard metal pioneers must have been booked to every European metal festival after being on hiatus for over a decade. The Swiss trio arrived at the Tuska festival as a headliner of the last day by playing an almost 90 minute set of the most well known tunes as well as newer songs.  Before the band got on the stage the official press event was held in the nearest hotel where the Swissmen expressed their own views and opinions about several issues. And if you readers were smart enough and listened to the interview on our Metal Rules Radio, so presumably it is kinda pointless to start repeating it all over again.

Celtic Frost was extreme dismal and heavy at Swedenrock where the light show created a special feeling to the show in the dark nightfall of the Swedish landscape. It was quite interesting to learn how Celtic Frost will work in a normal daylight environment as using the lights was more than useless. Even though the lights didn’t create any mesmerized feeling, but instead the intensity of the brutality that Celtic Frost offered just proved without any doubts that they were the most mesmerizing band on the bill of the whole festival. Despite this, all kinds of glam and power junkies didn’t understand about the meaning of the real circle of the tyrants of Celtic Frost and walked out of the festival area and missed a lesson in how a gig should and must be handled. But for those ones who remained, they got a chance to sacrifice their inner sanctum into the visions of mortality. Celtic Frost was nothing, but utter brilliance from beginning to end. The set consisted of songs selected from the various CF albums, of course COLD LAKE doesn’t belong to the current visions of mortality of Celtic Frost of this decade. A couple of newer songs “Ain Elohim” and the massive long “Synagoga Satanae” concluded the prestigious and mighty gig at Tuska with the long praying by Martin Ain. The band didn’t fake and act like clowns or poseurs, they just came and did an unforgettable show. Celtic Frost literally came and conquered and to be honest rescued the whole festival after all kinds of hopeless and boring acts. 

Procreation (of the Wicked)
Dethroned Emperor
The Usurper
Jewel Throne
Ain Elohim
Necromantical Screams
Sorrows of the Moon
Return to the Eve
Visions of Mortality
Into the Cryps of Rays
Inner Sanctum
Circle of the Tyrants
Synagoga Satanae

All right time to sum up now, even though some cricitisms were already stated in the opening intro regarding the line-up. This may be the wishfull thinking, but 2007 will be the anniversary year in the history of the Tuska festival. Therefore the organization of the fest would, or at least should, have better ideas for bands to be booked for the fest. The line-up of the event of this year was nothing, but an utter letdown. Celtic Frost definitely came and gave their inner sanctum by being without any doubts the best band in the whole festival. The festival offered various and a little bit eccentric names, all right it is fine to have some new bands, but on the other hand most of them were quite dull and to be honest horrible. But the metal mass in the local church sounded and was an extreme absurd idea from the beginning to the end. That even irritated Thomas Gabriel Fischer in the press conference and obviously irritated several other metal heads. Frankly connecting the religious issue and metal together is already an idea extremely absurd and pointless and doomed to everlasting damnation. Obviously, it was one way to have the approvement amongst the puristanist religious people to accept the metal as it is. Stupid and once again, stupid and worthless. Let’s keep these two things separated in the future, all right?! Afterwards it has been reported about utter amazing fairytales about security guys trying to stop moshpits…ehh.. Sounds like we would be in Sweden….  Seriously, if kids wanna arrange dusty whirling pits to have some funny and others are not interested in taking a part in the raging moshpits, they can always stand back a suitable distance.

Although the line-up of 2006 didn’t match line-ups of previous Tuska events, we here still have a strong belief in the Tuska Organization to come up with a killer metal event next year by booking plenty of killer bands. There are three to four metal festivals arranged during the summer time in Finland, but Tuska has already carved its immortal marks to the world wide metal map!

As usual, the Finnish Metal-Rules.Com metalsquad therefore thanks the people behind the Tuska festival for everything and of course we will be there once again to enjoy the spirit of metal at Tuska 2007!!!




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