Surveillance – Angel Station

Angel Station
Escape Music/Zink Music
Released 2006
Rating: 3.0/5

Lead singer Lee Small, who also sang on PSYCHO FANTASY with the project Phenomena, is the band leader of Surveillance, who are now releasing their debut album on Escape Music.

Surveillance delivers classical 80’s melodic hardrock, though with an updated production. Paul Hodson (Bob Catley, etc.) guested on the album, and he spiced up the music with his keyboard playing. The music is quite similar to what Glenn Hughes did during the end of the 80’s/beginning of the 90’s. Another musical parallel can be drawn between the Phenomena albums. Lee Small sounds a lot like Glenn Hughes vocal-wise, and he’s an incredible singer that leans towards skilled musicians, so there’s nothing wrong in that department at all.

The music works best when it comes to the harder songs like “In Motion”, “Reflections”, “The Primitive Soul”, “Mary (awaken pt 1)”, “The Holy”, and “Truth”.

This is a strong and solid debut in every way. I can really recommend it to fans of Glenn Hughes’ solo era or fans of Phenomena. It’s going to be really exciting to hear what Lee Small and Surveillance are going to do on the next album. This British act have skills to go really far, I can promise you that.

Lee Small – lead vocals
Connor Emms – guitar
Jon Hayward – bass
Daz Wooytton – drums
Paul Hodson – keyboards
Sue McCloskey – b-vox


In Motion
The Primitive Soul
Mary (awaken pt 1)
The Holy
The Ghost In You
Awaken (pt 2)