Street Talk – V

Street Talk

MTM Music/Zink Music
Released 2006
Rating: 2.5/5

The Swedish melodic hardrock act Street Talk have been in the business for quite a while. The guys started out back in 1994, founded by the keyboardist/singer/songwriter and producer Fredrik Bergh. In early 1996 they released their debut album COLLABORATION that was greeted by the media and fans. In 2000 they released TRANSITION, and in 2002 they released RESTORATION with Göran Edman, amongst others, on lead vocals. Other guests on that album were Jim Jidhed from Alien and Tommy Denander. After the release of the band’s compilation album DESTINATION, Street Talk were put on ice.

On this comeback album nothing much is changed music-wise. They still play the same melodc rock that sometimes borders on melodic hardrock with really catchy choruses. The main focus lies on keyboard and lead vocals, and unfortunately a few of the songs have the tendency of becoming too pop-sounding for my personal taste.

To no one’s surprise, V is produced by Fredrik Bergh, and he’s done an OK job I guess. The production sounds similar to the well-established melodic rock/hardrock sound with a lot of space made for keyboard as well as for the guitar to shine. All of the 11 tracks are high-class; a few that stands out are “Responsible”, “If I Could”, “Family Business”, and “Just A Little Appetizer”, all of which are purely melodic rock/hardock tracks sung by an always amazing Göran Edman. And even if Mr. Edman is one of the best melodic rock/hardock singers in the world, he shouldn’t be singing boring ballads like on this album. He does a great job as always, but the songs don’t do as good a job, therefore I won’t mention the ballads at all because believe me, they are not that fun at all.

V has its moments, especially when it comes to the vocal department and it’s fun to hear the master of melodic rock/hardorck, Göran Edman, in action again. I can think that this is an album that speaks to the already-blessed Street Talk fans because they are going to love it. For all you others you can find many greater bands than Street Talk.

Göran Edman – lead vocals
Fredrik Bergh – keyboards, piano
Sven Larsson – guitar
Björn Lodmark – bass
Christian Johnsson – drums

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Don’t Believe
If I Could
At The End Of The Day
Family Business
Just A Little Appetizer
Something’s Gotta Give
Groundhog Day
Oh Maddy
Brother And Sister Moon