Newman – Heaven Knows

Heaven Knows

Escapi Music/Zink Music
Released 2006
Rating: 3.0/5

The guitarist/singer/songwriter and musician Steve Newman started his solo career during 1997 with the release of his debut solo album. It was during the work with his second album he got in touch with this current label and it was with the album ONE STEP CLOSER that he become known as one of England’s premier melodic rock acts.

HEAVEN KNOWS is Newman’s 5th album, and he’s still delivering the same melodic hardrock/rock as on the previous efforts. But Newman gets away with repeating himself because of the quality material and for the obvious love for what he does. Newman could have taken away a few of the songs; I think the album gets too long with 12 songs and 60 minutes and even if the material is great it doesn’t keep the same standard all the way. Most songs are about love and everyone knows that’s not one of my favorite issues when it comes to lyrics.

The production is OK, and that statement goes for the entire album; it’s OK, but nothing more. Killer tracks are the more rockier songs like “Heaven Knows”, “Higher”, “Never Ment To Fall In Love”, “The Way You Love Me”, “The Circle”, and “This Time”. Steve Newman’s new album deserves to be listened to, but only by true fans of melodic hardrock/rock to whom the album is targeted. It’s a standard album and deserves a standard rating.

Steve Newman – lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards
Rob McEwen – drums
Anders Rydholm – bass on “Sport Of Kings


Heaven Knows
Ain’t Gonna Cry Forever
Move On
The Way You Love Me
Learning To Live
The Circle
This Time
Never Meant To Fall In Love
Sport Of Kings
On Any Other Sunday