A.O.R – LA Attraction

LA Attraction
MTM Music/Zink Music
Released 2006
Rating: 1.5/5

This is A.O.R’s fourth album. The leader of this project is Frédéric Slima, and with the exception of Tommy and Joey, the musicians are hired guests. I haven’t heard the previous albums by this act, and after hearing LA ATTRACTION I must say that I haven’t missed a thing. This album has none of the necessary ingredients a great album ought to have.  For starters, the music genre is totally wrong. A.O.R lies, just as the name hints, in the melodic rock genre; similarities can be found in acts like Foreigner, Toto, Survivor, and Radioactive.

The three members have produced the album with David Diggs. Just like the music, the production sounds like it’s been kidnapped from a poor melodic rock album from the early 90’s. The 12 songs don’t do anything for me either. They’re all quite mediocre, and even though the album has a few competent guest singers, they can’t do wonders with the material either. Unfortunately, the majority of the 12 songs are mainly ballads, and that alone drags down the rating a lot.

The only thing that’s positive with the album – and by that I really mean ONE thing – is Tommy Denanders guitar playing. That guy can really play. So the big question is: what does he do here?

Please avoid this album if you’re not hardcore fans of A.O.R or the guest musicians.

Frédéric Slima – guitar, keyboards
Tommy Denander – guitar, keyboards, bass
Joey Heredia – drums

Guest Musicians
Steve Lukather
Philip Bardowell
Rick Riso
J. Lynn Johnston
Dane Donohue
Peter Friestedt
David Diggs
Michael Landau 


How Could I Forgive Her
Don’t Ever Say Goodbye
One More Chance
Like An Open Book
The House Of Love
Tears In The Rain
I Won’t Give Up On You
The Spark Of My Soul
Last Chance At Love
LA Winds
Give A Little Love
Lost In Your Eyes