Paperback Freud – Roller

Paperback Freud

2006,Plug Or Die/Plugged Records
Rating: 4/5

Paperback Freud is a new debuting band that before this album released the CDS RAISE IT UP THE FLAGPOLE that was played on several radio stations here in Sweden.

This Swedish act says to have musical similarities with AC/DC and D.A.D – something that’s totally wrong. Their music sounds more like heavy rock’n’roll brilliantly mixed with sleaze, and they have more in common with Backyard Babies, The Hellacopters, or Nashville Pussy.

All the members have taken part in writing the material and they invite us to take part in an 11-track journey spiced up with a bonus song. The lyrics are simply about anything that’s good in life, like alcohol, girls, cars, etc. A few of the songs that really have what it takes are “One of Us”, “Straight Out of Hell”, “Raise It Up The Flagpole”, “Ain’t The Last In Line”, “Roadrunner JR”, “Wild Ride”, and “Don’t Blame Me”. Unfortunately they have added an acoustical, boring ballad: “Devil Man”, which they could have excluded, but that ought to be the only negative thing about this outstanding album. To be picky the guys maybe should have chosen another band name and different cover artwork. If I had seen the album in a store I wouldn’t have looked at it twice. ROLLER was recorded and produced by the band members, and they have created a really dirty foundation that allows the members go crazy.

One thing that also comes to mind is that the more you listen to ROLLER, the more the songs tend to blend in with each other. I can overlook that fact by reminding myself that the songs are so darn excellent that I don’t really need any other album to make my summer awesome. This is the ultimate party album so please let it roll at all your parties in the near future.

Snake – lead vocals
Savoy – guitar
Rocki – guitar
Yeti – bass
Thundersteel – drums

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One Of Us
Straight Out Of Hell
Hats Are Gonna Roll
Raise It Up The Flagpole
Ain’t The Last In Line
Roadrunner JR
Wild Ride
Devil Man
Don’t Blame Me
Bonustrack: Video Raise It Up The Flagpole