John Waite – Downtown Journey Of A Heart

John Waite
Downtown Journey Of A Heart

2006,Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 5/5

One of my favorite singers and musicians has signed on with Frontiers Records and starts of by releasing a compilation CD containing his classical songs together with two brand new recordings of his own song and one cover. Last time he released an album was in 2004, the studio album THE HARD WAY, which was a while ago.

John Waite has a history in acts like The Babys, Bad English and a solo career as well. And even though he’s mostly known for his ballads, he’s still an out-and-out rocker at heart. The new versions of Waite’s classics are very simple and he wanted to have a basic sound based on guitar, Hammond organ and piano. No synth or keyboards. Stripped and ready to be played live in front of the audience.

DOWNTOWN JOURNEY OF A HEART contains 12 songs and as mentioned earlier also two new tracks. One is a brand new song called “St. Patrick’s Day” and the other one is a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Highway 61”. Of course I miss a few of my personal favorite songs but as a whole he has done a great choice of featured songs. And, of course, he gives us what he’s known for: ballads, like “In Dreams”, “New York City Girl”, “Downtown”, “When I  See You Smile” and the new “St. Patrick’s Day”. The melodic rock tunes he brought along are “Missing You”, “Keys to Your Heart”, “Highway 61” and “Isn’t It Time”. Usually I’m not a fan of ballads, but when it comes to John Waite anything goes.

The only strange thing with the album (which is out of John Waite’s control), is that the label must have mixed up and forgotten to print out certain songs on the backside of the promo copy. A few of the songs aren’t printed out and I was really confused when I sat and tried to figure out what songs were featured.

But besides that mishap this is a great album from one of the best ballad/melodic rock singer in our time and the rating can be only one. I really hope that Mr. Waite is coming out with a new studio album so I can have something to long for.
The line-up is pretty huge so I have picked out a few musicians, otherwise the page wouldn’t be enough. Killer tracks are “The Hardway”, “In Dreams”, “Missing You”, “New York City Girl”, “Highway 61”, “Head First”, “Downtown”, and “When I See You Smile”.

Johan Waite – lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Scott Baggett – guitar
Anthony Krizan – guitar
Glenn Burtnick – bass
Check Kentis – Steinway Piano
Tony Beard – drums

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The Hardway
In Dreams
Blue Venus
Missing You
Keys To Your Heart
New York City Girl
Isn’t It Time
St Patricks Day
When I See You Smile