Jim Peterik – Above The Storm

Jim Peterik
Above The Storm
2006, Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 3/5

Jim Peterik has been in the business for over 40 years. He’s been a part of Ides of March, Survivor, and nowadays he’s part of Pride Of Lions.
After two best-selling albums with Pride of Lions, Frontiers Record’s boss Serafino Perugino decided that the time had come for Peterik to release a solo album. Mr. Perugino said that it was time to let Peterik express his most personal music for himself rather than for a band. Keep in mind that Pride of Lions is a duo and not a band; they are one of the bigger acts that Frontiers Records have today as well.

ABOVE THE STORM carries, not surprisingly, 13 well-played melodic rock tracks and a few ballads – nothing new under the sun in other words. A few of the songs have a really catchy hook but they tend to be a bit too popish for my taste. Mr. Peterik has his voice intact and in brilliant condition. The guitars support Mr. Peterik, and are played by Mike Aquino who really impresses. He’s also taken help from the Pride of Lions rhyhtm section and the Ides of March brass section.

Mr. Peterik wrote the album together with Johnny Van Zandt (Lynyrd Skynyrd) and Donnie Van Zandt (38 Special). The album includes really nice arrangements and harmonies, and it feels like the guys really have put both mind and soul into the material. The only thing I turn against is the popish tunes that really don’t belong on a melodic rock album of any kind. In my opinion there are also too many songs – 10 is enough – and too many ballads. Mr. Peterik has also produced the album and he knew exactly what he wanted the production to sound like, because there’s nothing to make a mark on there.

This album ought to satisfy every need amongst the Jim Peterik fanbase, but personally the album is a bit too melodic for my taste. Buy ABOVE THE STORM to your girlfriend or to a melodic rock fan because my bio says “Above the Storm might just be the ultimate melodic rock album”… Killer tracks include “Live Life”, “Stand And Be Counted”, “Secrets Of A Woman”, and “Hiding From Yourself”.

Jim Peterik – lead vocals, bass, keybords, guitar
Ed Breckenfeld – drums
Mike Alongi – drums
Klem Hayes – bass
Scott May – B3 organ
Mike Aquino – guitar
Lisa Mcclowey – b-vox
Ides of March
Larry Milles – b-vox
Chuck Soumar – b-vox
Scott May – b-vox
Mike Barch – b-vox
Bob Berglund – b-vox
Ides Brass
John Larson
Chuck Soumer
Dave Stehlberg

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Live Life
Burning With A Reason
Above The Storm
In The Days We Have
Stand And Be Counted
At This Time Of Night
A Kiss To Remember You By
The God In You
Secrets Of A Woman
A Talent For Loving You
Hiding From Yourself
Midnight In My Soul
We Believe