The Creepshow – Sell Your Soul

The Creepshow
Sell Your Soul

2006, Stereo Dynamite
Rating: 4.5/5

Southern Ontario’s The Creepshow blast out of your speakers with their high energy mix of 50’s style Rockabilly blended with some punk. A modern flashback to the days when music was felt and played. A refreshing dose of horrorbilly with it’s zombies, grave diggers and haunted houses.

A fantastic album that is extremely energetic and unique. There are elements of rockabilly but it is combined with the high energy of classic punk. It creates that old hot rod, drive in’s and diners kinda vibe.
Hellcat has a quality to her voice that sounds similar to Gwen Stefani if she (GS) sang real music. Her powerful vocals in conjunction with the other members gel so well and they create this masterpiece of modern music.

The songs tell stories and they are quite interesting to say the least. Some of them take interesting turns so you better pay attention 
Absolutely one of the best albums you can purchase this summer.