Michael Kiske – Kiske

Michael Kiske

Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Released 2006
Rating: 2.0/5

Michael Kiske is back to launch his fourth self-titled album. Last time I heard from him was when he fronted the project Place Vendom, an album that’s also reviewed at metal-rules.com. Besides being a part of Place Vendome, Kiske has appeared on albums with Aina, Tribuzy, sung on the metal opera album Avantasia, and guest appeared on albums with Edguy.

The music on KISKE is way different from what he has delivered before. Instead of heavy metal, KISKE is jammed with very melodic rock with not much action going on. The whole disc gives me a singer/song-writer feeling that’s hard to shake off, and add to that a few lame ballads and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. And just to ruin the experience even more he uses acoustic guitars.

The things that keep KISKE above water are his amazing voice – he’s still a great singer; that fact can’t be taken from him – and the great production. Otherwise, the 11 songs float by in a steady stream and there’s nothing there that really caught my ears.

I really don’t understand to whom this album appeals, but I DO know that old Helloween fans are going to hate this a lot. As mentioned earlier, Mr. Kiske has his voice intact and that’s what grants this album the high(?) rating. If it wasn’t for him this album would have sunk deep in the mud of tired old singer/songwriters that suffer from midlife crises.

Michael Kiske – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
Karsten Nagel – drums
Fontaine Burnett – bass
Sandro Giampietro – solo guitar

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Fed By Stones
Knew I Would
Kings Fall
Hearts Are Free
The King Of It All
Sing My Song
Silently Craving
Sad As The World