Gotthard – Made In Switzerland

Made In Switzerland
Nuclear Blast/Sound Pollution
Released 2006
Rating: 4.0/5

The Swiss hardrock act Gotthard has been around for 15 years and is one of the country’s biggest acts today. This album is a live recording taken from their last tour throughout Europe that ended on the 8th of December in the biggest arena in Switzerland, called Zurich Hallenstadion. This traditional hardrock disc contains 17 tracks; amongst them we have “All We Are”, “Lift U Up”, and classics like “Mountain Mama”, “Sister Moon”, “One Life, One Soul”, and also a few covers. It sounds like the guys are in an excellent mood and lead singer Steve Lee invites the crowd to sing along time and time again. He also speaks English during the most of the show, which is appreciated by all non-Swiss fans.

The production sounds great and it sounds like there are a lot of people at the arena. All of the guys have equal space in the mix, except for Steve Lee and guitar players Leo Leoni and Freddy Scherer, who are a bit higher up. This is actually one of the better live CDs I’ve heard in quite a while and the band’s good mood is really contagious. The only minor flaw I can think of is the amount of covers, which are too many; the guys ought to have enough material on their own to cover a whole show.

There was also a DVD recorded at the same time. The CD has 17 songs and the DVD has 21, along with some bonus material. You can either choose to buy the limited edition DVD+CD digipack or the CD+DVD digipack.

At the end of the day this is a great CD by a band that is quite unknown to me, and I had the pleasure of discovering them with this CD. Killer ones are “All We Are”, “Anytime Anywhere”, “Lift U Up”, “Mountain Mama”, “Dream On, and “Top Of The World”.

Steve Lee – lead vocals
Leo Leoni – guitar
Marc Lynn – bass
Freddy Scherer – guitar
Hena Habegger – drums

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All We Are
Dream On
Mountain Mama
Let It Be
Top Of The World
I WOnder
Said And Done
One Life, One Soul
Nothing Left At All
Sister Moon
Mighty Quinn
In The Name
Lift U Up
Anytime, Anywhere
Immigrant Song