Tommy Bolin – Whips and Roses

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Whips and Roses

2006, Steamhammer/SPV

Rating: 5/5

One of the world’s all-time greatest guitarists. During his short life Tommy created some of the most beautiful sounds ever to hit record store shelves. His guitar tone coupled with his amazing voice is something that can never be imitated or duplicated. This highly underrated musician is best known for his song “Teaser” and for his stint in Deep Purple as Ritchie Blackmore’s replacement, either way you cannot deny his talent.
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This collection of 10 songs showcases his talent. His bluesy style mixed with rock created a groundbreaking sound that many were trying to create. Despite there being many players out there in the blues/rock vein you can easily tell Bolin’s playing because of the uniqueness of his sound. Only one can imagine what he could have accomplished and created if he had of lived.