Loch Vostok – Destruction Time Again

Reviewed: July 2006
Released: 2006, Escapi Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Loch Vostok is a Swedish band, their band name being taken from a subterranean lake in Antarctica. The band was formed when the progressive metal act Mayadome collapsed in 2001. The guys recorded a self-titled promo CD during 2002 and in 2003 their self-financed debut album DARK LOGIC was unleashed. That album was released by a former Soviet record label and shortly thereafter a Portuguese label released it worldwide.

Their music is a hellish mix of technical, progressive, and melodic death metal with lead vocals by the original member, Teddy Möller. He is one of the band’s greatest assets, and he alternates between death metal and ordinary vocals. But even though Teddy carries a lot on his shoulders, the other members should not be forgotten. His fellow bandmates are all brilliant musicians that can handle delivering the power this music needs.

This sequel brings us 11 tracks with daredevil music and unpredictable thoughts. Now and then Teddy Möller gets help from a female vocalist, and that brings a nice edge to the vocals and the whole album. The only thing that doesn\’t speak in favor of DESTRUCTION TIME AGAIN is its length. One hour feels a little too long and the guys should have stopped at maybe 40-45 minutes. The production is slick and mean just like the music, and leaves enough space for every musician to shine. DESTRUCTION TIME AGAIN is an album that needs a few listens, but after that you can\’t avoid loving it. I think that Loch Vostok have the future ahead of them if they follow their current path, and if you want an album to last a long time then plug in DESTRUCTION TIME AGAIN right away!!

Loch Vostok have recently been out supporting King Diamond throughout Scandinavia and I really hope to see the guys on stage soon. Favorite tracks \”Humantix\”, \”Rebound\”, \”Autumn Lord\”, \”Destruction Time Again\”, \”Symbiosis\”, \”Falself\”, \”Talk\” and \”True Deceiver\”.


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Track Listing:
Jonestown Slumber Party
Xerox NAtion
Autumn Lord
Destructoin Time Again
True Deceiver

Teddy Möller – Vocals/Guitar
Niklas Kupper – Guitars
Tomas \”Tym\” Jonsson – Bass
Fredrik Klingwall – Keyboards
Alvaro Svanerö – Drums