Drive-By Truckers – A Blessing And A Curse

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A Blessing And A Curse

2006, New West Records

Rating: 3.5/5

A BLESSING AND A CURSE is Drive-By Trucker’s 7th disc. Why have we not heard about them until now? Their blend of rock and country is somewhat unique and draws heavily on the likes of CCR, Steve Earle and Neil Young. The country element is very prominent in places which adds to the uniqueness all the while maintaining the rock aspect.
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Song wise most if them tell a story; from crashed cars to being left at the altar. Several of the songs such as “A World Of Hurt” and the title track could very easily be mistaken for Neil Young. Any comparison to Neil is good except these songs are so close to him that they almost sound like a new Neil track sung by the man himself. The opening track on the disc, “Feb 14” is the finest rocker on the CD bar none. With it’s steady drum beat and rhythm guitar the song is extremely catchy it has that Power Pop essence to it.

Overall a fine collection of tracks, but slightly diverse. Brilliant song writing and top rate musicianship found here on the recording, hopefully they can stick to one style and make a mark on the industry.