Cream – Classic Albums: Disraeli Gears (DVD)

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Classic Albums: Disraeli Gears

2006, Eagle Vision

Rating: 4.5/5

An inside look at the making of the 67 classic album DISRAELI GEARS by one of the world’s first ‘Supergroups’. All the members were firmly established musicians before the band got together. DISRAELI GEARS is the pivotal album that took Cream from your basic blues rock and launched them full on into psychedelica and heavy rock.
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This documentary chronicles one of the first real heavy rock albums ever.It is jam packed with current interviews from the members as well as from people that had a part in the making of the album. There are vintage clips from back in 67 alongside soundbites and comments from today’s journalists and musician’s talking about how influential the album was.

A well put together documentary that gives the viewing audience  evey bit of information they could possibly ever want about this magnificent record. It gives an accurate insight from the band’s inception through  to the making of this groundbreaking LP.