Crash Kelly – Electric Satisfaction

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Electric Satisfaction

2006, Liquor And Poker

Rating: 5/5



Words cannot come close to describing this amazing album. It is choc full of high energy, guitar driven Rock n’ Roll at its finest. Following up their killer debut PENNY PILLS was no easy task but they pulled it off with this remarkable release.

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On songs like “Ride The Wire” Sean just wails away on guitar and the solo’s just fly. Allister is quite the player as well and adds tremendously to the guitar sound as both players compliment each other perfectly. Kevin’ drum’s coupled with < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Jordan’s bass lay down a solid backbeat that creates an excellent groove that the band just works off. The sound of the disc brings you back to a time when LP’s ruled. The band has captured some of that warm sound quality that has been lost for the most part in today’s recordings. The music is real and not computer generated or overproduced, it sounds ‘live’. Having only taken a short period to actually record the album worked out perfectly in their favour. The disc has a bit of rawness to it like there is supposed to be.

One of the best albums you can add to your collection. A definite ‘Must Have’ for all Rock fans.


A few standouts: Ride The Wire, Two Year Runaround, She Put The Shock