Backyard Babies – Live Live In Paris

Backyard Babies
Live Live In Paris

2006, Liquor & Poker
Rating: 4/5

A high energy live recording from an excellant hard rockin’ act. On their previous releases was not captured as well as it is on this disc. The raw energy of a live show is captured as best as it can be on album.

Featuring such cuts as “Earn The Crown” and “Minus Celcius” from their critaclly acclaimed STOCKHOLM SYNDROME album from a couple years back. Fast pounding drums and and in your face vocals take center stage as the bass and guitar take somewhat of a backseat. Generally most live discs are a hit and miss thing with most being a miss as you really need to be at the show to feel the intensity and energy of the music. This one hits…..and hits hard. It captures some of that live feel and energy and does not come across as being touched up and doctored in the studio afterwards.

This release and STOCKHOLM SYNDROME are a great pair of albums to get as an introduction to this excellant group.