Crash Kelly

Crash Kelly
May 1st, 2006
St. John’s, NL

Toronto’s Crash Kelly kicked off the Alice Cooper Canadian tour in St.John’s, NL. Playing just a few dates with Cooper on this tour but doing shows all across this great nation of ours at the same time. This energetic and talented band is relatively new to the scene but their talent and energy rival’s many of the rock world’s veterans’.

I arrive at the venue around lunchtime and meet up with the band and manager. We sit down in the catering area and have a grand discussion on music. Shortly after I head off on other ‘buisness’ and they go off to do some interviews on a local radio station. I meet up with them later on for their soundcheck which is interesting to see how everything is all set up. After that I head on up to the main lobby for a bit and meet up with some friends before heading back down at showtime.

I am backstage just before they go on and everyone is psyched to go. I head out and get the cam ready for the show’s start. After they are introduced and hit the stage, Sean (Kelly) says hello to the crowd before the rip into the opening track off their new album that would be released the following day. From that moment on it was a full on high energy Rock show at it’s finest. Their short set featured a perfect mix of material off their first disc PENNY PILLS as well as songs from the new ELECTRIC SATISFACTION album. The crowd were mostly unfamiliar with them at the start but by the end of their set they were getting into it and appreciating the music. They definitely gained new fans that night.

Sean played some amazing guitar solo’s throughout their relatively short set. It was very clear to see why he was chosen as a Top 10 finalist in Guitar Player’s GUITAR HERO 2005 event. His playing is fantastic and the sound he creates is like a bit of a flashback to the classic tone of the 70’s when there was more warmth to the music and not all digital and fake sounding. Allister is no slouch on guitar either and his background vocals were spot on and added allot to the songs. He tended to stay relatively still and not move around much but let his playing speak for itself as he never missed a note. He performed magnificently and is an excellent partner for Sean in the group. The solo’s he did are very melodic and extremely close to the album.

Not to be outdone by the dual guitar attack of Kelly and Thompson the rythmn section of Jordan and Kevin is solid. The steady groove they lay down keeps everything flowing. Jordan’s melodic bass lines coupled with Kevin’s heavy pounding drums really creates a massive heavy Rock sound.

After their short set the band wander around the venue and meet fans and sign stuff for them. Shortly after Alice leaves the stage the band head’s over to a small local pub for their CD Release party. The small but packed club was an interesting choice for a band to perform as the stage setup was extremely small and cramped. The band performed another rocking set to this small crowd before retiring for the night. This set was just as good as the one they just did opening for Alice just allot less movement due to space restrictions.

 For Crash Kelly’s first time on The Rock they definitely made an impression and gained new fans. Let’s hope they come back soon and Rock The Rock.

Hang Out Where You Matter
Ride The Wire
Turn It Around
Love Me Electric
She Put The Shock (In My Rock N Roll)
Penny Pills
Two Year Runaround
11 Cigarettes
Cut On Your Tongue
Rock N Roll Disasters (On The Radio)
Irish Blessing ’95














Thanks to Chris Case and Crash Kelly!