Bob Catley – Spirit Of Man

Bob Catley
Spirit Of Man
2006,Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 3.0/5

Bob Catley, the frontman of the very well-known Magnum, delivers here his 5th solo album. On this album Mr. Catley delivers 12 brand new tracks written especially for him. 12 songs and 65 minutes later I found myself getting slightly bored with Mr. Catley. The material looses focus and concentration and at the end of it. Besides the boring ballads, that there are a lot of, I think Mr. Catley have made a standard album that deserves a standard rating. It’s nothing out of the ordinary and nothing to get excited about, unless you are a Bob Catley fan or a Magnum fan..

A few songs that stick out are “Heart Of Stone”, “Moment Of Truth” and “In The Name Of The Cause” as all of them are 70’s retro hardrock that takes your mind off the ballads for a while. Other songs worth mentioning are “Blinded By A Lie”, “Spirit Of Man” and The Fire Within Me”. For me, not ever having listened to either Magnum or Bob Catley it came like a surprise that Mr. Catley actually sounds really good on record and you are really surprised on how heavy this actually sounds. If he had leaned more towards the 70’s hardrock the album would have huge musical similarities with how a melodic hardrock Rainbow would have sounded like.

SPIRIT OF MAN is a standard but OK album, maybe worth buying if you’re a fan of this guy and if you are… watch out for Bob Catley on tour through America and Europe at the beginning of the year.


Bob Catley – lead vocals
Vince O’Regan – guitar
Irvin Parratt – keyboards
Al Barrow – bass
Jamie Little – drums

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Heart Of Stone
Moment Of Truth
In The Name Of The Cause
Blinded By A Lie
Last Shows Of Winter
Spirit Of Man
The Fire Within Me
Judgement Day
Lost To The Night
Beautiful Mind
Walk On Water
End Of The Story