Necrodeath – 100% Hell

Reviewed: May 2006
Released: 2006, Scarlet Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Italian long-time and leading thrashers Necrodeath are back with a new album which might well be their best album to date thus far… I said ´MIGHT´ because this will be left up for a listener to decide. It´s only fair, isn´t it?

Anyway, the fact is I have loved every single album Necrodeath have put out within their whole existence – and it´s not far away from the truth to say they have yet failed to record a bad album which is nothing but a hard fact. The band´s vocalist Flegias describes 100% HELL by the following words on their website: \”The 10 tracks bring you to the obscure travel to hell without return, where your damned souls will be blown away! Violent, brilliant and hypnotic, probably the best Necrodeath album of all times\”. At least I can already subscribe the words ´violent´, ´brilliant´ and ´hypnotic´, but traveling through hell without coming back, sounds yet somehow distant to me for some odd reason… (!)

100% HELL is pure Necrodeath-style to maximum in which the band´s all the best creative bits come to the blackened reality in form of a brilliant set of their new songs, and in which the guys prove clearly why they have earned the status as ´The Best Thrash Band´ coming from Italy. The band thrashes aggressively through all the 8 songs being featured for this album, with such a strongly passionate and devoted way that it´s easy to claim Necrodeath sweats, bleeds, breaths and shits Thrash; the best possible of its own calibre. The song structures on 100% HELL are well-crafted – and yes, what´s most important thing, they are memorable and damn catchy, too. It´s almost criminally way too easy to like the songs on this new record, but I guess that´s what ambitiously-made and strong albums content-wise have been made for: To make you fall in love with them without second thoughts – and 100% HELL is such an album…

As one single detail let´s get it mentioned in here, too, one of the band´s biggest, long-time fans Cronos from the godfathers of Black Metal (for most of us anyway) – Venom, has done a spoken intro titled \”February 5th, 1984\” for the record – and assumable from the Necrodeath´s point of view, it was surely one of the greatest dream-come-true´ -achievements from Necrodeath to have his input for the band´s latest album, too. \”They have a raw energy that I like\” Cronos has once said; and how right he is about that indeed. F.ex. such songs as \”Forever Slaves\”, \”War Paint\” and \”100% Hell\” are where the band´s so-called ´thrash-claws´ have been protruded at their sharpest and most hurting – and the sonical pain you are about to feel, feels extremely pleasing and rewarding.

The band has also welcomed Pier from the Italian Power Metal troops Labyrinth to play the 2nd guitar on 100% HELL, but I guess it needs to be pointed out that he´s not a permanent member of the Necrodeath line-up tho, but working out like a raging hired gun for Necrodeath´s forth-coming live shows in order to bring in more power to the band´s live sound. And that´s always a good thing, of course!

And what else? Just go and experience 100% hellish brilliance with these relentless Italian fellows… NOW!


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Track Listing:
01. February 5th, 1984
02. Forever Slaves
03. War Paint:
04. Master Of Morphine
05. The Wave
06. Theoretical and Artificial
07. Identity Crisis
08. Beautiful-Brutal World
09. Hyperbole
10. 100% Hell

Flegias – Vocals
John – Bass
Peso – Drums
Andy – Guitar
Pier – Guitar