Impaler – Habeas Corpus

Reviewed: April 2006
Released: 2006, Root of All Evil
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Cast forth from the bowels of some rotting gravesite is the new disc from the world’s foremost horror metal band, Impaler. Back from the crypt to release their 7th full length on the unsuspecting masses is Bill Lindsey and his undead crew of murder and mayhem which this time around includes original bass player Commander Court Hawley and also special guest, original guitar player Mike Torok. With such a band of scallywags in tow HABEAS CORPUS should be an especially bloody and murderous event.

“Angel of Misery” kicks off the disc in typical Impaler fashion. Their punk infused sound is not exactly in vogue today but back in the early 80s these guys were something new and different and their lives shows must have been something to behold. Today with video games and movies continually pushing the boundaries blood, gore and violence is nothing new but at the time of Impaler’s inception horror movies were still scary and Impalers bloody shows could still shock. “Hatbox Ghost” is something a little different for Impaler as it has more of thrash feel to it than the punkish sound that is usually part of their repertoire. The Cd closes out with special guest Mike Torok on guitar and the track “World Insane”. This is by far the strongest track on the CD. It has a strong guitar sound which is just a bit meatier than what the band usually uses and Torok’s playing is more varied and leans a little bit more towards the metal realm compared with Bradley J.

Again Impaler delivers 11 songs that are sure to quench (or inflame) the bloodlust of their many fans. Even though this is only their 7th CD, Impaler has released numerous E.P.s, Bloody Bill Lindsey has managed to keep the band and its sound focused on what they do best. That is creating blood soaked anthems that try to touch that dark place in us all.


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Track Listing:
Angel of Misery
Follow Me (Will o Wisp)
Supernatural Superstar
Bride of Impaler
The Last Ride
Hatbox Ghost
Black River Falls
Angel in White
Lost on Monster Islands
Sonic Reducer
World Insane

Bill Lindsey – Screams, Spits & Growls
Bradley J. – All Guitars & Nervous Tension
Commander Court Hawley – Bass Abuse
Tom Croxton – Drums & Bludgeoning

Mike Torok: guitar on World Insane