Naked Beggars – Spit It Out

Naked Beggars
Spit It Out

2006, SMA Records
Rating: 4/5



Exploding on the scene a couple of years ago with a first rate debut album have now released a solid follow-up. Inga Brittingham and company record a raw and energetic blues based Rock n’ Roll record.
It can be easily said that she is similar to an early female Jagger. She has the street vibe attitude that Mick had in the early days. Add Jeff LaBar’s trashy guitar sound and you know you are in for one helluva ride. Inga’s husband Eric (Who also produced the disc) provides some great melodic bass and really gets a good backbeat going. The piano and keys are a interesting touch as the add to the songs without coming across as being poppy or too out there, they give the already great songs that little something extra.

Filled with allot of cool tracks it is extremely hard to pick a few standouts as each one has something that sticks out to call it it’s own. The ones that have that little extra that pushes them ahead of the rest ever so slightly are “Hole In The Wall”, “Playin’ The Fool” and the title track. All are remarkable upbeat rockers with an attitude.

The disc closes out with the superb ballad “Lullaby” which is nothing shy of a masterpiece. It is evident that this song took allot of talent and time to create. It just drives home the fact that the musicianship and talent in this band is well above most.