Radioactive – Taken

Released 2005,MTM Music/Atenzia Records
Rating 1.5/5

Tommy Denander is a well-known face and name within the melodic hardrock/rock scene. He has worked with practically everyone worth mentioning and he’s recently played guitar on Paul Stanley’s new solo album. One thing that maybe should be kept quiet is that he, for some strange reason, played on Westlife’s latest album.

TAKEN is Radioactive’s third album. I’m not familiar with the band Radioactive but have heard Mr. Denanders earlier work with other artists. A lot of well known voices guest on TAKEN but I have only listed the most familiar ones, otherwise the list would take up an entire page. Radioactive intensifies what melodic rock is all about, they’re highly influenced by all the 80’s acts within this genre with keyboards that dominates the sound. Besides pure songs the album also includes one intro, “C.O.W”, one instrumental piece, “Never Gonna Let You Go” and one duet “Easy’s Getting Harder”.

One sad thing with Mr. Denanders lyrics is that he’s constantly writes about love and 13 songs that revolve around love are 12 too many. 13 songs are way too many also, he should have narrowed down the amount to 10 and worked a bit harder on the material. With all these guests Radioactive looked interesting on paper but on CD it doesn’t work, Mr. Denander had all the opportunities to deliver a kick ass album with so many brilliant guests but instead he put out a love sick fairytale with no content what so ever.

TAKEN is produced by Mr. Denander as well and I can’t find anything in the production that motivates a higher rating, it’s a standard production that’s all. This album doesn’t make anyone happy maybe except for the Toto fans outthere because Radioactive reminds about that band quite a lot, otherwise I can’t find anything appealing with TAKEN at all.

Tommy Denander
Jeff Porcaro
Steve Porcaro
Bobby Kimball
Steve Lukather
Neal Schon
Bruce Kulick
Yngwie Malmsteen
Kelly Keagy
Jim Peterik
Philip Bardowell
Robin Beck
James Christian
Thomas Vikström
Johan Fahlberg
Mikael Erlandsson

Stronger Than Yesterday
Hit Her Where It Hurts
Easy’s Getting Harder
This I Promise You
Carry on
Love Is On Your Mind
Never Gonna Let Her Go