Bruce Turgon – Outside Looking In

Bruce Turgon
Outside Looking In

2005 Frontiers Records/Atenzia Records
Rating: 3/5

Bruce Turgon is a hardworking musician that toured with Billy Thorpe, Nick Gilder, Prism, Warrior and of course his own band. Turgon is best friends with Lou Gramm (Foreigner) and has  helped him with several of Gramms solo albums, they also started the short lived band Shadow King which only released one album. Turgon joined Gramm in Foreigner 1992 as bass player and toured with the band 10 years before he called it a day and instead focused on his own solo debut.

Turgon does most of the work and play almost every instrument by himself here. Other known musicians that appear on the album are Danny (Heart, Whitesnake) on drums, Rocket (David Lee Roth, Stan Bush etc) on lead guitar and on b-vox we have Lou Gramm, Ricky Philips, Tom Gimbel and Diana Mills. If you’re a fan of melodic hard rock this is definitely an album for you, and if you remember Shadow King which featured Bruce, Lou Gramm and Vivian Campbell you’re definitely going to enjoy this. The 12 tracks are written by Turgon with 3 of them that he co-wrote with Lou Gramm.

The production is a standard one and doesn’t leave much to wish for. As I said earlier is this an album for melodic rock-heads and people that like Foreigner and bands in the same genre. Bruce Turgon leaves us with an album that is polished and sometimes pretty standard but he should get credit for the well played music and his lead vocals.

Killer Tracks “Living A Lie”, “Any Other Time”, “Pleasure Dome”, “The Last Time” and “On A Wing And A Prayer”.

Bruce Turgon – lead vocals, bass, keyboards, rhythm guitar
Danny Carmassi – drums
Rocket Ritchotte – solo guitar
Scott McKinstry – solo guitar
Ronnie Montrose – solo guitar
Lou Gramm/Ricky Philips/Tom Gimbel/Diana Mills – b-vox

Living A Lie
Any Other Time
Outside Looking In
Walk The Fire
Pleasure Dome
These Tears Must Fall
Weapons Of Love
On A Wing And Prayer
Heart So Strong
The Last Time
Where Do We Go From Here

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