Dark Funeral Naglfar Amoral : Tavastia Helsinki Finland

Naglfar & Amoral
The 21th of February 2006
Tavastia Club, Helsinki Finland

Including Dark Funeral, Naglfar and Amoral to the same touring package would have been believed to be a strong concept to sell a lot of tickets. But when entering the club before the domestic Amoral kicked the set off, it was quite odd to see only a handful of people having arrived on time before the Finnish metal virtuoses got on the stage. Obviously setting a metal gig on Tuesday ain’t the most idealistic date to lure people to see bands in action. After all, according to the rough estimate, about over 300 black metal freaks had crawled to testify these bands on the stage.  Frankly the whole touring band package was rather an interesting mix of different metal genres. As Amoral stands more for the technical death metal oriented approach whereas Naglfar’s style is a lethal mix of the vicious death/black metal combination, whereas Dark Funeral is nothing but a total “punch direct to the face” black metal assault without any mercy.


Despite the lame attendance at the beginning of the night, Amoral kicked the night off by doing a 30-minute set in front of a fistful of people. The band’s tight and technical set was impressive. Both the guitarists are real virtuosos. The bassist’s eccentric playing style reminded me slightly of John Myong’s style. The vocalist Niko Kalliojärvi turned out to be one hell of a relentless frontman moving all the time, the guy almost ran out of moving space as the stagearea was kinda limited due to the band’s drumkit placed in the middle of the stage. The set basically consisted of the material off from the “DECROWNING” album.   


Naglfar from Umeå entered the stage after the technical Amoral guys. The style changed quite radically as Naglfar isn’t that technical compared to Amoral as the style could be described as more straightforward death/black. However the Swedes unleashed hell starting with “Blades” from “DIABOLICAL” and followed by a newer track from the latest output “PARIAH”. The vocalist Kristoffer “Wrath” Olivius definitely looks like a scary menacing frontman with vicious looking eyes. The band didn’t waste a single minute with any worthless communication and instead let the infernal ceremony carry on. Nalgfar’s set was quite a routine performance giving no unexpected surprises or other hassles.  


Spoken Words Of Venom
As The Twilight Gave Birth
I Am Vengeance
The Perpetual Horrors
Wrath Of The Fallen
Horncrowned Majesty
A Swarm Of Plagues



Dark Funeral visited the prestigious Tuska Metal fest a few years back by opening the gates of the secrets of the black arts and unleashed one hell of a flaming black metal inferno in the day time. Now the Swedish ineffable kings of extreme black metal returned on their own satanic crusade tour reaching to Finland to exorcise the king Antichrist from the world below in the Tavastia Club.

The blasphemous ritual was started out by the opening song “King Antichrist” off the band’s brand new studio album “ATTERA TOTUS SANCTUS” and was followed by “Diabolis Interium” from the previous same titled album. The night’ s set was equally divided to cover the material from almost each album of Dark Funeral. Therefore the songs from the latest effort didn’t get their privileged place in the set even though four cuts belonged to the set. Despite both the opening bands having managed to get solid soundquality for their sets, the Swedish frontline black metal horde suffered from a terrible sound resulting in their songs repeating and sounding the same even though Magus screamed his lungs out.

Even though Dark Funeral did their best to spread a chaotic messages around the Tavastia club, but it was not that surprising that problems happened to occur during the performance. The holder of Ahriman’s guitar failed forcing a roadie to fix it while Lord was playing. But something eccentric and mysterious happened on “Godhate” as Emperor communicated with the roadie staff meanwhile other guys continued playing the same riff non-stop to conclude the song.  

However despite small technical dilemmas, the whole five piece had equipped themselves with the mandatory black metal and above all important battle gears being a part of the black mass show of Dark Funeral, ie grim looking war paints, chains and ultimate new looking plastic suits of armor and a huge pentagram figure carved on the chest of Emperor’s armors. This time the unholy pentad of all evilness mostly relied on creating a sonic maelstrom by leaving all the other side effects like fire-breathing and blood away from the show.


Both the guitarist Lord Ahriman and Chag Mol literally focused on playing and following the audience whereas Galigula even got enthuastic to communicate with the audience by confirming that doing this is what he has always wanted do. But the drummer machine, Matte Modin, has a real incredible condition to molest his drum battery with such a intensive drive without getting tired at all. But where was Lord K. ?! The current session guy on the bass was something unbelievable to watch as the man looked like a tragicomic hilarious sight. But as for the session bassist being quite the slacky oriented stagemanner. Instead the bassist would have needed an iron rod impaled through his spine to keep his body up straight. However the session guy’s role in the band wasn’t that much to be envied of as to the stage or role customs, because he must have contented himself with normal everyday clothes.

Dark Funeral’s utter nihilistic maelstrom didn’t cause a huge fanatical reaction amongst the audience even though some wiseguy got a godly idea of an attempt of doing a diving, which however ended to the floor of the club. But when speaking of the brutal extreme black metal gigs, it is a common phenomenon the people rather remain on the background following the band on the stage. It is widely known slammig etc doesn’t fit into the true black metal thinking.

Dark Funeral did their best to spread a pure chaotic riot all around amongst their fanatical audience throughout their 60-minute set, but Dark Funeral didn’t show its real command of Satan’s empire as at Tuska. But Dark Funeral’s brutal and nihilistic approach is definitely enjoyable to listen and follow live. Hopefully the band will be seen on the Finnish soil again. So Thus I Have Spoken.

King Antichrist
Diabolis Interium
Ravenna Strigoi Mortii
The Arrival Of Satan’s Empire
Open The Gates
Vobiscum Satanas
666 Voices Inside
Slava Satan
Attera Totus Sanctus
Hail Murder
Atrum Regina
My Dark Desire
An Apprentice Of Satan

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