Tony Martin – Scream

Reviewed: March 2006
Released: 2005, MTM Music/Atenzia Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is Tony Martin’s second solo album; otherwise, he’s probably known to the masses as the lead singer in Black Sabbath. Joining him on this album we have the late Cozy Powell, as well as Geoff Nicholls and also one of his kids, Joe, on guitar. I’ve always liked Tony’s work, and I think he has an amazing voice that has withstood through the years. Musicwise, this album is pretty close to his work in Black Sabbath–and by that, I mean the great albums HEADLESS CROSS and TYR. The album was recorded in Tony’s own house called Headless Cross in England.

Of the 9 songs on the album we have a few ballads represented by “Faith in Madness” which is an up-tempo ballad; “Wherever You Go” includes only lead vocals, acoustic guitars and keyboards. One song that sounds a bit different, not really meshing with the rest of the album is (ironically) the title track, “Scream,” where Tony includes a frenzied violin that practically destroys the entire song. My favorite tracks are “Raising Hell”, “Bitter Sweet”, “I’m Gonna Live Forever”, “The Kids Of Today (Don’t Understand The Blues)”.

Tony does a great job on SCREAM. It’s truly great that he’s back again; I think he’s a sadly underestimated singer. SCREAM is an album that’s going to attract lots of Black Sabbath fans and even though the album has its flaws (uneven material, overprominence of ballads, etc.), I can strongly recommend this album to anyone. SCREAM captures the dark side of the traditional English heavy metal sound in a brilliant way, and even through the similarities to Black Sabbath, Tony has managed to make this album his own.


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Track Listing:
Raising Hell
Bitter Sweet
Faith In Madness
I’m Gonna Live Forever
Surely Love Is Dead
The Kids Of Today (Don’t Understand The Blues)
Wherever You Go
Field Of Lies

Tony Martin – lead vocals, bass, drums
Geoff Nicholls – keyboards
Joe Hartford – guitar
Cozy Powell – drums on “Raising Hell”