TNT – All The Way To The Sun

Reviewed: March 2006
Released: 2005, MTM Music/Atenzia Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Tony Harnell and his TNT are back. TNT are one of the biggest acts from Norway, if you don’t count all the black metal acts of course. I have never been a fan of TNT; I’ve only heard a few albums, but despite my nonexistent interest, the guys have achieved a legendary status in Norway. TNT play a combination of very melodic hardrock and melodic heavy rock. There’s a fine line between those two music genres, so I’d rather be safe than sorry and say that they play a mix of those two.

The guys aren’t a complete band, as they lack a bassist. It also sounds like they have used keyboards, though no keyboard player is listed . There is a terrible slaughter of the classic Louis Armstrong standard, “What A Wonderful World,” which is probably one of the most terrifying covers I’ve ever heard–my ears literally cried blood when I heard it the first time. And just to torment myself, I put it on a second time in order to reassure me that it was as horrifying the second time…and believe me, it was.

I tried hard to find anything positive about this album–and believe me I really tried…but the album doesn’t get any better. Most of these 12 tracks suffer from a lack of inspiration. They are unenergetic and dull. They could easily have stopped after 9 or 10 tracks. The few tracks that stand out a bit are “A Fix”, “All The Way To The Sun”, “Black Butterfly” and “Save Your Love”. After having heard Tony sing in the new project Starbreaker, I wondered if he really gives his all on this album–it both feels and sounds like he’s holding back, and that’s sad on such an amazing voice.

Maybe you could give away this album to a TNT fan somewhere, but that’s probably all there is to it–it is not a necessary purchase. I really doubt that this album is going to gain the band new fans. I recommend buy some of their 80’s material instead.


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Track Listing:
A Fix
Too Late
Me And I
All The Way To The Sun
What A Wonderful World
The Letter
Mastic Pines
Black Butterfly
Save Your Love
Ready To Fly

Tony Harnell – lead vocals
Ronni Le Tekro – guitar
Diesel Dahl – drums