Tokyo Dragons – Give Me The Fear

Tokyo Dragons
Give Me The Fear

2005, Escapi Music
Rating: 2.5/5

This British act has been incredibly saluted in Kerrang and it’s been said that it’s them that are going to save the British rock scene with their debut album. They are said to have big similarities with another act The Darkness but where those similarities are I have no idea what so ever. When you put this album on your stereo you hear sweaty party rock’n’roll that belongs in the heavier music department and that’s nothing alike The Darkness Queen sounding music.

Instead I find music parallels with AC/DC, Quireboys and Dogs D’amour and Tokyo Dragons have taken a lot from the 80’s scene and that sound and the singer has just about right voice to sing this kind of music. They have a few mind-blowing guitar riffs as well as a solid rhythm section.

The album clocks in at 40 minutes and by then they have gone through 11 tracks. The few good songs are “What The Hell”, “Do You Wanna” which both are gifted with two really catchy choruses.

Some of the songs have a tendency of blending together and they don’t keep any higher class. Overall feels the material a bit uneven and sometimes even boring. The album was recorded in Rockfield Studios in Wales during June/July 2005 by the producer Pedro Ferreria, he has also produced the debut album by The Darkness. The production sounds just as it should, Pedro has done a great job is just sorry that the band can make it right with their material.

The positive things with the album is the production, the solid singer as well as parts of the songs, but as a whole has the band still a long way to go to achieve the perfect sound.


Steve Lomax – guitar, vocals
Mal Bruk – guitar,vocals
Mathias Stady – bass
Phil Martini – drums vocals

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What The Hell
Get ‘Em Off
Do You Wanna
Come On Baby
Let It Go
Johnny Don’t Wanna Ride
Teenage Screamers
Ready Or Not
Burn On
Rockin’ The Stew
Chasing The Night