Johnny Lima – Version 1.2

Johnny Lima
Version 1.2

2005, Escape Music/Atenzia Records
Rating: 2/5

VERSION 1.2 is the new album from Johnny Lima and it contains completely new recordings of songs from Johnny’s long since deleted solo album, many of which have completely new arrangements and/or lyrics, as well as new rare tracks.

VERSION 1.2 continues where the previous album ended, the music is 80’s melodic hardrock in the vein of Bon Jovi and the album really sounds like it’s straight from the 80’s both musically and productionwise. If that’s not enough the man has included a string of ballads, what else is new?? The most positive thing about this otherwise plain album is that he put the focus on the lead vocals.

Besides releasing an album that sounds very Bon Jovi, Johnny also sounds almost like the singer in the already mentioned band. If you’re closing your eyes I promise you you’ll get Bon Jovi vibes instantly. The album contains 13 songs (too many) with the constant love-theme in them and 60 minutes of music which maybe is nice for the fans but in my case I think he could have excluded many of the boring ballads as well as the amount of songs. Johnny is a good songwriter but in this case it feels like he’s taking on too much, however, the best tracks are “Never Gonna Let You Go”, “Little Runaway”, “Rock’n’Roll River”, “Crazy”, “Into Your Arms”.

I don’t think that Johnny is going to gain many new fans with this album, instead this should appeal to any fan of either Johnny or 80’s melodic hardrock.

Johnny Lima – lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, b-vox
Bernie F. Diaz – drums
Craig Takeshita – lead guitar
Ryan Freeman – b-vox

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Never Gonna Let You Go
Little Runaway
Rock’n’Roll River
Here For You
Reckless Heart
Drift Away
Fire Of Love
Another Lonely Day
Into Your Arms
Something’s Gotta Change
If I Had A Heart
Fly Angel