Sodom – Agent Orange

Reviewed: February 2006
Released: 1989, Steamhammer/SPV
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Oursenplus

Sodom were in the 80\’s one of the most important thrash band and still are to this day. They\’ve been putting out quality albums after quality albums, thus being one of the most consistent thrash band ever, along with Slayer. Let\’s take a trip back to 1989, the year Sodom unleashed Agent Orange upon the world.

The CD starts off with the title track, Agent Orange. The first few riffs are somewhat \”light thrash\”. But then, serious business starts and vicious riffs and vocals are played at a tempo that leaves the listener in awe. Tired and Red is a very fast song, with an interlude in the middle of the song. The next riff is almost exactly like Metallica\’s Welcome Home. The CDs slows a little bit with Remember the Fallen, although the riffs are very mean sounding. With Ausgebombt, you get a song a-la Motörhead. Straight rock \’n roll with very few riffs. The CD ends up with \”Baptism in Fire\” which is a very fiery and fast number. This is the kind of track that made Sodom so great. Your CD may also include \”Don\’t Walk Away\”, a Tank cover. It\’s rather funny but the greatness of the CD wouldn\’t change if Sodom hadn\’t released it.

Agent Orange is A MUST for any self-respecting thrash fan. Almost everyone will find something they like in this gem, whether it be fast numbers, slow parts or even Motörhead-style songs. But, generally,if you like your thrash vicious, mean, fast and heavy, this CD is for you.

Best songs = Agent Orange, Tired and Red, Ausgebombt, Baptism in Fire


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Track Listing:
1. Agent Orange
2. Tired And Red
3. Incest
4. Remember The Fallen
5. Magic Dragon
6. Exhibition Bout
7. Ausgebombt
8. Baptism Of Fire
9. Don\’t Walk Away

Tom Angelripper (Bass, vocals)
Chris Witchhunter (Drums)
Frank Blackfire (Guitars, backing vocals)