Cyprian – Debut EP 2005

Reviewed: February 2006
Released: 2005, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Cyprian are a fairly new band from Mount Pearl/St. John’s, NL, Canada. The band can be loosely described as power metal with a lot of guitar shredding. Although the band has been together since 2003, this is the bands first released recording.

It’s a good thing Cyprian held off and took their time on putting this out because back when I first saw them live, I thought they were good had some evolving to do. That is exactly what happened over the span of a little more then a year. The band got tighter, the vocals improved, and the shredding took on a more palatable form that fit better into the songs. While this can overall be called power metal, there are hints of thrash metal on some riffs. Drummer Robert Perry is quite competent and plays some excellent double kick creating a solid foundation with bassist Ian Martin for two crazy shredders. Vocalist Adam Carter can impress with vocals that begin with a deep death metal growl and end in an ear-piercing scream. It’s when Adam reaches for the higher notes that he hits by doing this screaming style vocal. His ‘normal’ voice that is used on the majority of the CD is actually not the typical soaring power metal style at all but instead is a lot deeper. Guitarists Travis Burke and Chris Rodgers are easily the most technical and flashiest players to emerge from the Newfoundland metal scene in many years. They can hold their own against the lead guitar playing chops of most internationally recognized players. While they are not yet in the league of the Malmsteen/Gilbert/Becker/etc. virtuosos, they are on their way. In terms of improvement, the only area that could use some fine tuning is the rhythm and song-writing department. That’s usually something that comes with time and having written many songs, it’s not a skill you develop practicing sweep-picking in your bedroom.

Hopefully Cyprian can stick together for many more years as they will only improve as songwriters and musicians. I look forward to a full-length album from them, with luck, later this year!


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Track Listing:
1. Relapse
2. Potential
3. Dead Buried
4. Shades of Gray

Adam Carter – Vocals
Travis Burke – Guitar
Chris Rodgers – Guitar
Ian Martin – Bass
Robert Perry – Drums




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