Lord K from the band The Project Hate

ARMAGEDDON MARCH ETERNAL is the name of the new The Project Hate mcmxcix album. It is a brilliant album so I decided to look up and interview the bandleader and mastermind Lord K. It has been a while since the band was featured here in Metal-Rules.com so prepare yourself for an indepth look inside Lord K’s head.

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Promo pics provided by: Threeman Records and TPH’s website.

Thanks to Suzan Kverh at Playground Music for help with the interview







Hi, what’s up? Well it was a while since you were interviewed in metal-rules so let’s start off with you telling the readers about when and why you started the band as well as who the members are in the band today?

We were featured in these pages before? Well, good to see you again then I guess, haha… Man, a biography-question? Now that’s good for a bad start, haha… No one gives a fuck about biographies, and I even less so I just suggest you go to www.theprojecthate.net to find all the information you’ll ever need about The Hate.




Have the band gone through a lot of member changes? Which member besides yourself have been with you from the start?

Hmm… It’s not like we have replaced a lot of people, we just changed vocalist a few years back. We are more about adding people instead of replacing them it seems. Petter S Freed entered the crew a few years back on second guitar and Michael of Evergrey gladly accepted to join us in 2005, after putting down bass-lines for the latest masterpiece we recorded. It’s only J who’s been with me since the beginning. We never had any other permanent members than the ones we are now (and the former vocalist), we just used session-musicians for live-situations for a while until we found this line-up. And now I think the search is over because everything is fucking perfected now.




Is The Project Hate mcmxcix a band or a project?

It’s a fuckin carnival of killing. It was never a project, it was always a band. It’s just a fuckin name. Is Metallica metal coz they have “metal” in their name? No.



Why did you choose to call the band The Project Hate mcmxcix? And what does mcmxcix stands for?

The Roman numerals stands for 1999, the year we formed. Very intriguing I guess. I have n idea where the name came from but I dig it still and I guess I’ll continue to dig it until we decide to terminate the band, which hopefully will be in a very far away future. Now it seems like every fuckin band out there wants to name themselves something with “hate”. I guess it’s better to steal from the best than to come up with something half-assed themselves, haha…




You have released quite a few albums (4) for being active for 6 years, how come?

We had songs and we had studio-time. I never saw ourselves as a very active band but now when you mention it. I guess 4 studio-albums and a live-album is pretty fuckin fine for a band with a 6-year existence. Just bear in mind that we didn’t record anything album-wise until 2000 I think. That makes it even better, haha… As long as there’s inspiration I guess we’ll continue to record albums whenever we can. And fuck knows that mankind deserves some excellent music to listen to. We might as well provide it I guess.







What music do you listen to when you’re at  home?

A lot of fuckin crap. Anything from Avril Lavigne to Behemoth. Or any other brutal death metal band around. fuckin Vanessa Carlton gets regular spins as well as Alanis Morissette and the likes. Yeah, I’m a sucker for fuckin female artists. But I guess my heart belongs to death metal. Or something. Death metal and TATU. At the moment Necrophagia is on and the next tune coming up is fuckin Edge Of Sanity, followed by Beastie Boys. When I think about it, that looks fucked. As fuck.



How was your previous albums greeted by the media and most important by the fans?

The ones who always were into what we do obviously love what we continue to do with each and every album. The ones who never understood us still won’t. And it’s fine by me. But it’s cool to see that the new album is getting rave reviews pretty much everywhere. But I guess that’s what all fuckin bands say so fuck it. I’m just glad a lot of people dig what we do, that means there are suckers out there with some excellent musical taste.



Is there any difference between how the Scandinavian press and the European press judges the albums do you think?

I think the European press is raving more about the material than the Scandinavian. Fuck if I knew, but it feels like that. Maybe it’s because we get to see so much more reviews from European magazines than Scandinavians, I don’t know.



Does the band have a big fanbase and where in the world are you the most popular do you think?

I’m fuckin clueless. I’m aware of the fact that we are not fuckin Metallica (damn, that’s the second time I mention them) or anything popular-wise, but we have a steady base of Haters out there it seems, according to all the mails and shit we get. Not only do we appreciate the people writing us, telling us they love what we do, we definitely answer each and every one of those mail and say “thanks” for taking the time to let us know we moved them in some way. That’s how it should work I guess.






Do have any numbers on how much your albums have sold worldwide?

Not a fuckin clue, again. But I can guess… Then I guess we sell something like 1 copy – 5000 copies per album. I know the debut sold something like 5000, the second album was impossible to find so it probably sold 3 copies in Germany. The third, I have no idea. Probably a few thousands, with emphasis on “a few”. The new one… I haven’t got a single statement on that one so I don’t know. Probably not much. The live-album doesn’t count. Live-albums should never count.



Who owns the legal rights to your older albums today?

I think Massacre owns the first 2 still. The third, fourth and fifth probably belongs to ourselves and Threeman. I have no idea. Whoever owns them should be taking good care of them. They are true gems.



You have also released one live album that came after your 2 first albums, why did you do that? Is the album a live take from one single show or is it a compilation of several shows?

It is firmly stated in the booklet of said album why we released it. It was just a nice gesture to a guy in the US who we wanted to help out with a first release for his label. Now those words in the booklet makes no sense at all since he never released it and we ended up launching it through Threeman instead. It was just a nice gesture that we wanted to do. It’s the complete recording from the Helsinki-gig we did some years back.




Are the older albums still available because I have only seen the live album in stores?

I doubt it. Massacre never gave a fuck about us and we wish their office burns down real fast. If someone has the second album, please send me it because I don’t fuckin have it myself. Thanx Massacre, you suck cock.






How many instruments can you master? And which one are you best at do you think?

I play guitars, drums, keyboards, bass and probably something else I can’t fuckin think of right now. I guess I’m a decent guitarist and I look at myself as a guitarist, though I’m originally a drummer of 9 years. I prefer the guitar. But I love the piano as well. Fuck it, I play whatever I can. Maybe I should take up drumming again, damn, I used to be quite good if I remember shit correctly, which I probably don’t, haha…



Are you content with what TPH have achieved so far or have you done any choices you have regretted?

I am so satisfied with what we have accomplished as far as albums go. Absolutely. I don’t have any regrets at all with what we have done, not at all. Sometimes I wish we had brought in the people that we have on “Armageddon March Eternal” a few years earlier though coz that would have meant that we would have made a perfect album a few years ago instead of in 2005, not that I mind too fuckin much,



Do you think the band have developed musically during these years? If so in what way?

Hell yes. With the new album everything just fell into place as far as achieving what I always wanted to do. It’s just perfect; it’s my complete vision of how I want us to sound. None of this would have been possible without the guys that play with me now. I thank them. I think the biggest progression is how much layers we use in the music nowadays. And it will be even more of that in the future. I guarantee it.



Why have you chosen to use an artistname? None of the other members have an alias.

They all have aliases; none of them are suitable for print though. The “Lord” part is thanks to Dark Funeral, who gracefully put corpse paint on me a lot of years back before one of their gigs and then entitled a track to me with the words “This one is for Lord K”. That’s where it’s from. And it’s stuck with me since. I love it. I love being the lord.



How much touring have you done so far with the band?

None. And we will continue in that fashion.


You are signed on for Threeman Recordings which is a Swedish label, are you pleased with their job with the album like promotion etc I mean?

They have done what they can I guess. And we are not on Threeman anymore since we wanted out. I wish them the best with whatever they do in the future. They are good guys for sure. We are looking for a new label-home right now. Or “looking” might be a strong word since we haven’t contacted a single label yet, haha… Fuck it, it will all sort itself in time I guess. It’s not like we’ll record a new album next week.




In your music you have your foundation in death metal but you’re combining it with gothic music and also some really beautiful piano pieces, it feels like you have great visions with your music, how would you like to describe what music you play?

Death metal and beyond. That’s how I look upon it. It’s all that you described, and more. It’s everything I wanna hear in music, that’s why we sound exactly like we do, you know. We can throw in the trippiest of beats without losing the brutality that we so treasure. I love how we have managed to combine all of these things that usually don’t go well together.




Can you live on the music or do you have a regular job on the side?

I’m a fuckin chef. I cook for Jesus, that’s why he’s dying all the fuckin time.



Are you involved in any other band/project besides TPH?

– Yeah, God Among Insects. Find the info at www.godamonginsects.se in case you fancy some shit-brutal and downtuned death metal, the way it should sound.





You have recently released your fourth album ARMAGEDDON MARCH ETERNAL (SYMPHONIES OF SLIT WRISTS), why that title and does the title have any special meaning for the band?

 This question should have come first, haha… The title just appealed to me. I have no idea where I got it from but the sub-title was invited by a crazy Canuck, I just changed “symphony” to “symphonies” and it fit me all fuckin right. “Armageddon March Eternal” really describes the aura that surrounds the album in my eyes.





How long did it take to write the album?

I think we wrote for it over a one-year period or something. We just wrote when we felt like it. Usually Mazza (guitars) comes over and we start writing a little piece. Then I sit down and fuck with it the whole night and usually end up with another excellent 8-minute track in the morning. But those are just sketches; I work with all the tunes all the time until we start mixing the shit. I love that.



Who has written the music/lyrics and what’s the lyrics about?

Me and Mazza wrote it all, more or less. J had some input on the closer of the album. That tune was his idea, I just perfected it to make it sound as I wanted it to. The lyrics are quite non-Christian, let me just put it like that for now. If you know what we are about, you should know what we preach. Annihilation of everything that is considered holy.




Who has done the cover artwork and what do you think of the cover?

Our webmaster, Statik Majik, is responsible for the last 3 albums (that’s counting the live album). I love that guy and he’s so ace with creating what I wanna see. I gave him the titles and he just thought up everything himself. I have little input on his work, I just tell him if I like it or not. He’s the best and I’d die for him if needed. He’s definitely a member of the band, if you will. I couldn’t ask for more when it comes to a webmaster. Statik is one of my closest friends, without a doubt. I love the fuckin bastard. I love the cover. I absolutely fuckin love it.




You have produced the album, what’s it like to produce your friends and what’s the difference between hiring a producer and doing it yourself?

There’s no need for someone else to produce the album when I fuckin know what I want it to sound like. Me and Dan Swanö had one excellent time doing the mix of this one. I know what I want, but I don’t know how to create it. Dan does. He’s a fuckin ace-guy to say the least and I definitely want to record all of our coming albums with him coz the way we worked this time around is just perfect.



What does the other members think of being produced by you?

I guess they trust what I have in mind. If not, that’s a shame coz it’s still going to be produced by me. They definitely have their input though, that goes without saying. I think the one in the band taking most part in giving constructive criticism is Mazza, and I’m fuckin glad for that.



You have used a lot of different studios to record the album in, how come you used so many studios and how was it to record your own parts in separate studios?

It was awesome to record in different places. I definitely would wanna do it like that again. We recorded the first one with Swanö, the 2 albums after that with Mieszko and now again we recorded with Swanö. So, I don’t think it’s that many studios used, is it? Well, we used 2 different studios for the vocals this time around.



You together with Dan Swanö did the mixing of the album, how was it to work with such a legend as Mr. Swanö?

I covered this a bit already I think. I love working with Dan. He really understands me and what I wanna do. I have known Dan for shitloads of years and working with him is ace, just fuckin ace. The time he put into this album and the mixing alone is insane. He knew I wanted it perfect and he made sure it turned out that way. Dan’s not a legend, Dan’s just a great fuckin guy. Peter Forsberg is a legend. Get your facts straight.






A few of Sweden most known and respected metal personalities sing background vocals under the name The Troops Of Devastation, how did you get all to participate?

Well, that was really fuckin easy. J called them all up when he did his vocals and told them they better get to the studio an do some backing vocals. They did, we recorded it and that was that. I guess it helped that we know all of them fuckin bastards, haha…



I’ve read somewhere that TPH today are an all-star metal act, what do you think of that statement?

When the fuck did we turn out an “all-star” band? I disagree. Who’s a fuckin all-star in this band? Me? Coz I have been in the scene since fuckin 1988? Not a chance. J coz he was in Entombed and Grave? Maybe. Mazza? Jo? Michael, because he’s in Evergrey? Whatever. We are not a fuckin all-star band. We would need Jaromir Jagr in this band to be called that. And I fuckin hate Jagr.



You did play bass on the previous album but today is Mikael Håkansson from Evergrey handling that, is he a permanent member or just a guest on this particular album?

He was just asked to play on the album coz he’s obviously a great bassist. Then one thing led to another and I kind of warned him that I would probably ask him to join us full-time some time. He was honored. I waited a few months and then asked him. And he accepted. I’m glad he’s with us; he’s a killer-musician and one awesome fuckin guy. He really helped out in bringing even more Domination into our sound.



Which of the members are today permanent members?

Each and every fuckin 5 of us. Damn, we are a quintet now it seems. Oh, and Statik. That makes 6 permanent members of the fuckin band. Slipknot’s got nothing on us.



No one is listed on drums on this new album, have you used drum machine or what?

No, we used a fuckin can of tuna.


Have you read any reviews of the album, what does the media think of it?

I have read quite a bunch and it really pleases me to see that most of them get what we are aiming for. Domination.



Jörgen have previously been a part of Entombed and toured quite a lot with them, do you think that it’s easier to go out on tour now that Jörgen is free? 

Nope. J doesn’t wanna tour, I don’t wanna tour. We’ll see if we even end up doing another gig. It’s not a priority for us.



If and when you’re going out on tour which people can we find in the line up then?

The 5 of us, if no one fuckin dies on us.




When can we expect to find album no 5 by TPH out in the stores?

Hard to say… I’m planning to start writing when 2006 starts coz I feel the inspiration coming… It’s not like we are ion any rush, the new album’s been out for like 2 months, haha… Hopefully we can record the next masterpiece in the end of 2006, but I have no idea. I’m thinking about writing a third God Among Insects album as well, but that only takes a week so…



What’s the plans for TPH during the rest of 2005 and for 2006?

As always, Domination.



Now we have come to the end of this long interview, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and to end it all is, there anything you would like to say to the readers out there?

Thanx for some good questions and for the support. Check out the fuckin sites for all kinds of shit and don’t forget www.globaldomination.se for suck’s sake.

Hail Satan!



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