Wetton/Downes – Icon


2005, Frontiers Records/Atenzia Records
Rating: 1.5/5

ICON must be a wet dream for all fans of Asia because this album reunites John and Geoffrey once again. Before recording ICON the guys worked together on John’s solo album ROCK OF FAITH from 2003 and from what I’ve read and heard the guys were foes before entering the studio and the recording of this new album.

John and Geoffrey got together last summer in order to start the work on new material and their fellow musicians on the album are skilled musicians like Steve (Jadis) on drums, John (Arena, Kino) on guitar, as well as prominent guests musicians and singers. All of these people are going to help the frontmen create an album that is the event of the season in rock music says the bio, the bio also lists ICON as an album full of progressive pomp rock when I rather say it’s prog rock with focus on lead vocals and keyboard.

Both John and Geoffrey have written all of the 10 tracks and its here that the trouble begins.Tthe songs feel and sounds extremely boring and uninspired and that goes for the whole album. Sure, the instruments are played with an intense perfection but what does that help when the album itself is not saying anything otherwise. It lacks nerve, feeling and spark even though the guys have done a pretty good job with the production. The production part is epic, majestic and well balance, but unfortunate doesn’t the same goes for the album as a whole. The production is the one thing that saves this album from a total fiasco, and the cover just make you wonder what the artists have been thinking on while making it, but that’s pretty common when it comes to covers from Frontiers.

I haven’t got any slighter favorite tracks and can’t recommend this album to anyone, I’m just wondering who this album reaches out to?.



John Wetton – lead vocals, bass
Geoffrey Downes – keyboards
John Mitchell – guitar
Steve Christey – drums

Guest Musicians
Annie Haslam – vocals
Mike Stobbie – keyboards
Ian McDonald – flute
Hugh McDowell

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Let Me Go
God Walks With Us
I Stand Alone
Meet Me At Midnight
Hey Josephine
Far Away
Please Change Your Mind
Sleep Angel
Spread Your Wings
In The End