XYZ – Forbidden Demos

Reviewed: December 2005
Released: 2005, FYCO Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Terry Ilous opens the vault and gives fans some great rarities and tunes to sink their teeth into. Some re-recorded a few years back while others are out for public consumption for the first time ever.

Whether it is a rough demo or a fully produced studio track you can rest assured that when it comes to XYZ the vocals are perfect. Terry never seems to miss a note or sing a little flat. His singing is very melodic and a cut above most out there in the music world. You can tell that music is his passion once again and he puts a lot of emotion and energy into every vocal performance. The other strong part of XYZ is the guitar playing. The solo’s are classic and hard rocking the way they should be. This combination is what is needed to make a great band.

For the most part the quality on this CD is outstanding but it is lacking production in a couple of spots but that is expected as it is the nature of the release. This however does not deduct from the high quality of the music that is presented here. You will not find a single bad cut or filler track here, every song is excellent. From the rocking “Inside Out” to the mellow “After The Rain” which is one of the greatest ballads you will ever hear. The acoustic guitar coupled along with the vocal delivery makes the emotion of the song really pour through.

This is what a great release is all about: cool guitars, solid rhythms and amazing vocals. Terry and XYZ have done it again with another masterpiece.


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Track Listing:
Can\’t Get Over You (1990 – previously unreleased)
Inside Out (Demo – 1988)
High Life (with Marc Diglio – 1988)
Follow the Night (Live – 1988)
You Got Me Wrong (Live – 1988)
After the Rain (Demo – 1987)
Souvenirs (Demo with Marc Diglio – 1988)
Made For Love (1986)
It Could Be You (1986)
Seventeen (1986)
Just A Friend (1985)
Lonely Without You (with Marc Diglio)
Missin You (with Marc Diglio)
Rainy Days (with Bobby Pieper)
Lonely Without You (with Bobby Pieper)
Never Too Late (with Bobby Pieper)
Souvenirs (with Bobby Pieper),
High Life (with Bobby Pieper)

Various line-ups