December 2005

Frontiers updates on upcoming releases along with sample clips


Frontiers Records is pleased to unveil the first music sample taken from “Bottom Of Your Soul,” the first single from the upcoming TOTO album, “Falling In Between.”

The song, in the words of the band’s keyboard player David Paich, is a “prayer for peace” lyrically inspired from the tragedy of the Sudan civil war victims. Paich explains: “The song started out from a 6/8 african groove I had in mind with Simon Phillips, and Steve Lukather later came up with the chorus chords.”

Featured on lead vocals during the chorus is former TOTO singer Joseph Williams, together with two other very special guests Jason Scheff (CHICAGO) and L.Shankar (PETER GABRIEL). Percussion work is courtesy of Simon Phillips and Lenny Castro.

Enjoy the 1 minute mp3 sample at the following link!

“Bottom of Your Soul” will be launched on all European radios in the first half of January 2005.

Other sound samples from the upcoming shall be posted on the audio page on the and websites


The band has finished recording 11 songs for the new studio album in the works. The entire album tracking is completed.  After Christmas Frankie Sullivan is scheduled to record some missing guitar overdubs and then Jimi Jamison will add his vocals. The mix is planned during January for a release planned in the spring 2006.


Recording of the third HARDLINE studio album entitled “Just Add Water” has been completed this month. Singer Johnny Gioeli is enthusiast of the results: “I think this is extremely radio and melodic… Van Halen-ish, like Sammy Hagar meets Journey… with some GREAT Ballads… really a new twist for Hardline!”.

The renewed HARDLINE lineup on “Just Add Water” includes Johnny Gioeli on vocals, Josh Ramos on guitars, Michael T. Ross on keyboards, Jamie Brown on bass and Atma Anur on drums.

Some of the song titles to be included on the record include: “My Heart”, “Hold On”, “Hole In My Head”, “Save Me”, “Falling Rain”. Release is planned for late spring 2006.


NIGHT RANGER drummer / singer Kelly Keagy is busy working hard to complete his new studio album. Some of the songs he has been working on include “Call In Another Day”, “In The Back of Your Mind”, “All In The Blink of An Eye”, “The World Before and After”, “When Nobody’s Looking”, “I’m Alive”, “Where The Road Ends”, “One”, “A Life Worth Remembering”, “Stolen”, “You’re Everything In a Woman”.

Kelly has written many songs together with Jim Peterik (ex SURVIVOR, PRIDE OF LIONS). The record will also feature Kelly’s THE MOB bandmate, Reb Beach on guitar while the mix will be handled by none other than Kip Winger.

Frontiers Records plans to release the new – as yet untitled album – in mid 2006.


Former TOTO singer Joseph Williams – also featured on vocals on the forthcoming TOTO single “Bottom of Your Soul” –  is currently busy recording the vocals of the second VERTIGO album. The songs which will be included on the record include in no particular order: “Not Gonna Live Forever” (written by Joseph together with Joey Carbone), “Save It All Alone”, “All For You”, “Goodbye – So Long”, “Part of Me”, “In The Blink of An Eye”, “There’s A Reason”, “Picking Up The Pieces”, “Hold Me”

This time the lineup includes drummer extraordinaire Virgil Donati (SOUL SIRKUS, RING OF FIRE) and guitar virtuoso Alex Masi, with Fabrizio Grossi handling again bass and production duties.

The album is scheduled for release in mid 2006.


The well-respected singer / songwriter STAN BUSH is currently busy writing new songs together with his songwriting partner Holger Fath (who will also handled the production of the album) and Tommy Denander, who will also produce his album. “I am very excited because these are some of the best songs I’ve ever written, and I think this will be my best album ever!”, says Stan. The artist is planning to start the recording during January 2006 with the label hoping to release his new record after the summer.


Daniele Liverani is completing the recording of the third and final chapter of his Rock Opera GENIUS entitled “The Final Surprise”. With the release of this final episode, the complete story and music of the trilogy can be finally enjoyed in its entirety. An incredible cast of singers and mix of different music styles from fast power metal to straight AOR and crazy progressive rock tunes will lead the listeners to the final events of Genius’ amazing trip into the dreams world parallel reality.

Once again singers Mark Boals (RING OF FIRE; ex MALMSTEEN) and Daniel Gildenlow (PAIN OF SALVATION) are taking the major roles (Genius and Twinspirit32 respectively).

The other amazing singers appearing include this time: Eric Martin (ex MR.BIG) as Mr. Niko, Jorn Lande (MASTERPLAN) as Apikor, Andrea Datwyler (LUNATICA) as Kokeshi, Toby Hitchcock (PRIDE OF LIONS) as Senator Jeramus. Oliver Hartmann will care once again about the choruses while the narrator role will be covered by Philip Bynoe as usual.

The album is going to be mixed in January 2006 for a release tentatively planned in the spring.


Oliver Hartmann shall perform a special show in December 23 at the Colossaal in Aschaffenburg, Germany.

The set list will include the whole “Out In The Cold” album plus some new songs which shall be included in the forthcoming album to be released during 2006 ! Don’t miss him !

Info: at or mail to until Dec 20th


Following the good critical acclaim that blessed the release of the new album, GREEN’s guitar player and singer Fabrizio Pieraccini gives an insight on “When Love And Soul”:
“Receive Me” – The opening track clearly sets the new course of the Green sound.  A huge riff made by almost “NU metal” guitars interacting with sampled drum grooves, opens what can be defined a modern rock song with an unforgettable chorus and a breathtaking final guitar solo.
“ ;Fight for Truth” – A powerful mid-tempo. Changes the mood of the record towards a modern sounding power rock, with strong lyrics, a fantastic bridge and some serious guitar playing going on.
“Do it Now” – Melody was dominant in our previous record “Life”. With this song goes up to a higher level with a refined arrangement of strings. The verse looks for a more intimate musical dimension while the chorus is full of energy, the lead voice is both harmonic and captivating. Definitely the softest song in the album.
“Hate Me” – The seventies hard rock background of the band emerges here. Mostly inspired by The Who, this songs features a cutting guitar riff which plays with a dynamic bass line and is supported by a very Purplish Hammond organ sound. The 7/8 rhythm in the middle of the song brings out some Rush influence with a virtuoso-style guitar solo.
“There’s No Wind” – The verse is in  5/4 with acoustic guitars and strings; this takes you to the elegant and relaxing chorus which explodes in a strong finale.
“Freedom ” – Again a strings melody is supported by two guitars playing in harmony. Luscious vocal exercise and self-conscious lyrics emerge later in a typical rock’n’roll fashion.
“No Return Journey” – An intense and peculiar moment of the record. Listen to this song keeping a close eye to the lyrics and allow the ethereal keyboard atmospheres win you over.
“Baby Tell Me Why” – Again Marshall and Hammond here, but this hard rock song goes beyond classic 70’s Hard Rock adding a modern sounds and melodic effects.
“One Day” – A celestial atmosphere is introduced by the piano; the vocals have a big feeling here and the guitar scratches and comes out in an exciting solo with an atmosphere similar to the one in Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”.
“Of Love And Soul” – The title track: the ultimate manifesto of the new Green sound. It’s und oubtedly a progressive tune: a 9/8 riff followed by a complex verse like Yes; when you think everything is set then… you get a metal oriented keyboards fugue chasing guitars and vice versa; a kaleidoscopic progressive whirlwind a là Dream Theatre, but not so complicated. Emotions build up in a breathless crescendo ending with the two guitarists playing some pretty impressive solos.


Frontiers Records release LANA LANE’s brand new CD/DVD package celebrating her first 10 years of recording!

After 10 years of recording CDs, LANA LANE proudly releases her “10th Anniversary Concert” DVD containing the full concert from her final show in Tokyo on the LANA LANE 10th Anniversary Tour. Recorded on June 30, 2005, The 2-hour dual layer “DVD-9” disc contains all 19 songs from the concert along with a Video Tour Diary containing candid “behind-the-scenes” footage of the entire tour from Europe to the USA to Japan. Both stereo and the wonderful sounding DTS 5.1 surround audio tracks are offered. The DVD will be released worldwide in NTSC format in Region 0, to ensure maximum compatibility.

The 10th Anniversary Concert package also includes a bonus 78:54 audio CD that contains most of the concert. Due to the space limitations of the CD medium, the songs “Astrology Prelude” and “Secrets of Astrology” were cut from the audio CD. Producer Erik Norlander explains in the booklet’s liner notes that he and Lana made this decision since live versions of these two songs already appear on the “Return to Japan” CD released in 2004

The “10th Anniversary Concert” is the perfect companion to Lana’s “Storybook” DVD released in 2004 which was more of a documentary release. Since the “10th Anniversary Concert” contains one complete concert performance, the two DVDs go hand in hand with no redundancy. Lana and husband / producer Erik Norlander chose the 10th Anniversary Tour set list carefully to add many new songs never before played live. With stellar vocal and musical performances along with brilliant visuals and production, this title is a must – have release for all fans of LANA LANE !



1. Astrology Prelude (instr.) (Erik Norlander)
2. Secrets of Astrology (Erik Norlander)
3. LIAA Overture (instr.) (Erik Norlander)
4. Into the Ether (Lana Lane / Erik Norlander)
5. Curious Goods Part One (instr.)  (Erik Norlander)
6. Emerald City (Lana Lane / Erik Norlander / Neil Citron)
7. Athena’s Shadow (Lana Lane)
8. Nevermore (Lana Lane)
9. Garden of the Moon (Erik Norlander)
10. In the Hall of the Ocean Queen (instr.) (Erik Norlander)
11. Souls of the Mermaids (Lana Lane / Danelle Kern)
12. Romeo and Juliet (Lana Lane / Erik Norlander)
13. The Vision (instr.) (Erik Norlander)
14. Redemption Part One (instr.) (Erik Norlander)
15. Tears of Babylon (Lana Lane / Mark McCrite)
16. Someone to Believe (Lana Lane / Neil Citron)
17. December Moon (Erik Norlander)
18. Destination Roswell (Erik Norlander)
19. Symphony of Angels (Erik Norlander / Neil Citron)< br>20. Terminu s Pro Tempore (Erik Norlander) used in “Video Tour Diary”
21. Avalon Reprise (Erik Norlander / Mark McCrite) used for end titles / credits
22. Adrift on the Fire Seas of Orion’s Shield (Erik Norlander) used as menu soundtrack

1. LIAA Overture (instr.) (Erik Norlander)
2. Into the Ether (Lana Lane / Erik Norlander)
3. Curious Goods Part One (instr.)  (Erik Norlander)
4. Emerald City (Lana Lane / Erik Norlander / Neil Citron)
5. Athena’s Shadow (Lana Lane)
6. Nevermore (Lana Lane)
7. Garden of the Moon (Erik Norlander)
8. In the Hall of the Ocean Queen (instr.) (Erik Norlander)
9. Souls of the Mermaids (Lana Lane / Danelle Kern)
10. Romeo and Juliet (Lana Lane / Erik Norlander)
11. The Vision (instr.) (Erik Norlander)
12. Redemption Part One (instr.) (Erik Norlander)
13. Tears of Babylon (Lana Lane / Mark McCrite)
14. Someone to Believe (Lana Lane / Neil Citron)
15. December Moon (Erik Norlander)
16. Destination Roswell (Erik Norlander)
17. Symphony of Angels (Erik Norlander / Neil Citron)

Release shall happen in Europe on Frontiers Records in March 2006.


Mr. Green saves the Rock n’ Roll World

Explosive  new  rock  band  Mr. Green  is  taking  on  the  so  called  rock  music  of  today  with  some  old  school  talent. With  searing  guitar  riffs,  melodic,  soulful,  and  gut  wrenching  vocals,  along  with  an  incredibly  solid  rhythm  section,  this  band  is  dedicated  to  bringing  back  rock  and  roll  from  the  dead. The  band  is  made  up  of  5  veteran  musicians who  know  the  meaning  of  arena  rock. “So  many  people  have  been  waiting  for  the  revival  of  the  great  rock  and  roll  era  to  return. With  the  emergence  of  the  super-group  Velvet  Revolver’s  recent  success,  now  is  the  time  to  give  the  people  what  they  want. There  are  a lot  of  talented  groups  out  there  today,  but  there  is  also  more  to  rock  music  than  3  chords  and  someone  screaming  about  how  they  hate  their  parents” says  vocalist  Jason  Brauner.

“There  is  a  missing  void  for  rock  fans  and  we  intend  to  fill  it”  said  drummer  Anthony  Riso.  Along  with  guitarists  Dave  Saker,  Jon  Stadelhofer,  and  bassist  Tim  Sanders,  Mr.  Green  is  on  a  mission  to  save  rock  and  roll. 

The  band’s  debut  CD  release  titled “Draggin’  Me  Under”  has  received  great  acceptance  in  the  Northern  California  club  scene  and  is  soon  to  be  released  nationally  as  well  as  in Europe.  San  Francisco’s  most  well  known  rock  station  107.7  The  Bone  will  begin  airing  select  tracks  in  early  December,  2005.  The  band’s  live  show  will  without  a  doubt  remind  you  of  why  you  still  love  rock  and  roll. 

You  can  still  catch  this  not  to  be  missed  act  at  select  California  festivals  and  clubs  before  they start  their  2006  summer  tour  to  support  the  new  cd.



Dropping Daylight are Going on Tour With Plain White T’s and

Dropping Daylight is going out on tour with Plain White T’s and
Spitalfield starting on November 25th. Pre-sale ticketing for select Plain
White T’s / Spitalfield shows is available through

12/10/05 – Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
12/11/05 – Falls Church, VA – Providence Rec Center
12/12/05 – Virginia Beach, VA – Peppermint Beach Club
12/13/05 – Greensboro, NC – Greene Street
12/14/05 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
12/15/05 – Jacksonville, FL – Jack Rabbits
12/16/05 – Tampa, FL – The Masquerade
12/17/05 – West Palm Beach, FL – Ray’s Downtown Blues
12/18/05 – Orlando, FL – The Social
12/20/05 – Saint Louis, MO – Creepy Crawl

Also, Dropping Daylight has made the lead track off of their EP – “Take A
Photograph” – available for free download.  Check that out here:


Jeff Martin signs with KOCH

KOCH Entertainment, a division of Entertainment One Limited Partnership, and the leading independent distributor in Canada, announced today it has finalized a joint venture agreement with Nevada Entertainment to release the debut album from ex-Tea Party singer/guitarist/producer Jeff Martin.

The joint venture will be the first of several possible deals from the two companies in 2006. Jeff Burns, President of Nevada Entertainment says, “Being an active, growing label with a Top 30 CHR hit with Rosette and future chart action from Bianca on the radio, there are few companies in Canada to rival the breadth of experience, retail partners or ability to sell records than KOCH. Jeff Martin and his manager, Michael Lee Jackson, had offers from several major record labels, but wanted a little bit more of a commitment from them. Bringing KOCH into this enables us to maximize the potential for Jeff’s amazing record.”

Exile And The Kingdom will be released in March, 2006 with a tour across Canada to follow. The first single, yet announced, will be serviced to radio for February.

In an exclusive interview with Karen Bliss from Jam Canoe, Jeff Martin says the time was right for Exile And The Kingdom “(The Tea Party) has been an amazing output of work, but, at the same time, I just felt that it came time for a change, a different lifestyle. I wanted time to spend much more time with my new family, my little one, and also I felt confident that everything was said with The Tea Party, and what needed to be said now, as far as my artistry was concerned, I really needed to distill my vision into something that was more personal.”

“Exile” was primarily written at Jeff’s “holiday house” in Ireland, but also had recordings completed in Canada and Australia. KOCH Entertainment President Dominique Zgarka says, “this record was pretty much recorded everywhere Jeff was at the time. Tea Party fans are going to love this record, and we feel with his musical direction, Jeff is going to pick up new fans along the way.”

This first batch of Martin solo songs bears the same markings of greatness as do the songs he penned and then lovingly recorded with his friends Jeff Burrows and Stuart Chatwood, as the Tea Party. But there’s something more here, and we’ll go out on a limb and suggest that what we’re in fact witnessing is the full flourishing of Martin’s talents as both writer and storyteller, as a messenger of the muse.

Recorded by Martin alone, in his home studio, the demos for “Exile” are “basement tapes” in only the positive sense; what we have here are fully-actualized songs, with arrangements of ample flesh, conceptions of harmonic density, and performances – with Martin, not surprisingly, weighing in on an exotic showroom’s worth of instruments – of startling depth and abundant conviction. Some of these demos are so intimate and gripping, they may well end up on “Exile” untouched.

Deep Celtic folk meets and melds with Eastern tonalities on “Angel Dust”; Elizabethan strains are funneled through a modernist, Jeff Buckley-like grandeur on a simply breathtaking interpretation of David Crosby’s “Guinivere”; a child is lovingly embraced in the generous spirit of “Day Star,” as rich, open-tuned acoustic guitars recall Bert Jansch, while supporting a near-transcendent melody; “Black Snake Blues” imagines Nick Drake on a back porch in the Mississippi delta; again, the open tunings which resound throughout the tracks “Toy Balloon” and “Scherazade,” are filled with possibility

Grady go back in studio

We’re currently in the studio working on some new slabs.  Looking to do a lot more touring in the New Year.  A couple of notable things.  Friday Dec 2 we’ll be back at The Continental 10PM sharp opening for The Booze Weasels.  This should be good.  The Booze Weasels are David Holt on guitar, vocals, David Grissom on guitar, vocals and Joe Ely’s rhythm section.  They play rock n roll.  Sat Dec 3 we’ll be in Dallas at The Grenada Theater opening for Monte Montgomery.  We start at 8PM.
On Dec 12 we leave for a holiday/show in Maui.  The show is on Friday Dec 16, The Arc Angels and Grady.  The hotel package is still available till Dec 7 by contacting Don thru the link on the Grady Website.
Thanks to all of you who support us by coming to see the shows, buying the CD’s and T-Shirts and visiting our website <>    
The Recap
Fri/Dec 2                     The Continental            10PM              Austin
                                    w/ The Booze Weasels
Sat/Dec 3                     Grenada Theater            8PM                Dallas
                                    w/ Monte Montgomery
Fri/Dec 16                   Plantation Ballroom            8PM                Maui
                                    Ritz Carlton
                                    w/The Arc Angels