Balzac – Out of The Grave And Into The Dark

Balzac – Out of The Grave And Into The Dark
2005, Misfits Records/ Ryko
Rating: 2.5/5



Who or what is Balzac?

Hailing from the land of the rising sun, Balzac is one of the most popular punk bands in Japan. On this side of the globe they are virtually unknown. With this compilation on The Misfits own label things should change as they gain more exposure on this continent.

This band is  a little bit more technical musically than their main influence and label mates The Misfits. Both bands are very similar in their sound and song structure. Basically a Japanese version of them with a little Ramones influence tossed in the mix.

Musically speaking the guitarist and drummer are quite good and the whole band seems to put forth allot of energy into the recording. Vocally is where they are lacking, Hirosuke could do allot better but chooses to distort his voice and do a bit of screaming which doesn?t come across well. In places his voice is quite good and would benefit from it more if he used it instead of the strain he puts on it.

All in all it?s not a bad disc if you are a big Misfits fan or enjoy that genere of music. For the casual fan then maybe you should look elsewhere.


Hirosuke ? Vocal
Atsushi ? Guitar
Takayuki ? Drums
Akio ? Bass